Why SEO is Worth your Time and Resources

You hear all the time how important search engine optimisation is, but do you know why? It’s hard to dedicate time and resources to an Internet marketing tactic if you aren’t sure what your return on investment will be. But, with SEO you can rest assured that your entire business will benefit as you earn higher search rankings.

47% of Traffic comes from Search Engines

According to Conductor, 47 percent of Internet traffic comes from search engines. When search engines have the potential to bring so much traffic to your website, you can’t ignore them.

Google, Bing and other search engines have become an Internet staple. Whenever we open a browser one of the first things we do is perform a search for whatever we are looking for. With SEO, you can make sure your market finds you when people use a search engine to find your products or a solution to their problem.

Search Engine Visitors are Looking for You

When people find your business through a search engine, chances are they are looking for you. They may be looking specifically for your business or they could be looking for your products or the solution you provide. For example, a search for “affordable dog kennels in London” will be done by someone who is looking to make a purchase and become a customer.

With ads, you have to reach out and find your market. You have to get yourself in front of potential customers and convince them to click on your ads and make a purchase. But, with SEO, you can let your customers come to you. To make this work, you need to make sure your website appears at the top of search results.

SEO is Affordable

Compared to things like pay per click advertising and paid search marketing, SEO is a very affordable way to promote your business online. Creating and then executing SEO campaigns does take time because you need to research your market and competitors and find the right keywords to use. Then, you’ll need to spend time actually executing the campaign. But, you won’t be spending money to increase your rankings.

Search engine optimisation does take time to implement, but it doesn’t require an advertising budget so it can be a great way to start promoting your business right away. As your business grows, you can also supplement SEO campaigns with advertising to get the best of both worlds and reach a wider audience.

Of course, these are just a few of the biggest benefits SEO can bring your company. You’ll also benefit from more exposure and brand awareness when you earn higher search rankings, which can help your business achieve all kinds of goals.

If you want to grow your business’ online presence, get valuable traffic and find an affordable way to get your website in front of your market, SEO is the answer. This Internet marketing tactic can bring increased exposure, more traffic, more brand awareness and more sales.