SEO – Weekly Reading

I’m going to take a slightly different approach to the weekly news round-up this week and offer up enough SEO reading to keep you busy all weekend. So clear out the cobwebs, refresh your technique, and hopefully you’ll learn some new skills!

If an image is worth a thousand words, then your Google+ profile picture is invaluable. This one image can be vital to increasing the click through rate on your author ranked articles. One SEOMoz contributor has conducted a series of (not entirely scientific) experiments to determine the best possible image out of an array of un-photogenic pickings. The result? A 35% increase in click through rates with his most successful image. Proof that it’s worth paying attention to the little things.

If, like me, you’re constantly on the look-out for interesting and new ways to build links, then you’ll probably want to bookmark this article by Sujan Patel over on Search Engine Journal. 101 Ways to Link Build in 2012 is a treasure trove of resources – bookmark now, read later!

Search Engine Watch turned their attention to an area of weakness for Google analytics; it focuses on hits and visits over people and customers. In this in-depth article Alex Cohen goes into great detail about 4 metrics which Google analytics fails to provide. What’s particularly interesting is the Lifetime Value of a subscriber (customer/ user) which measures the average revenue a subscriber will generate over time. Read more here.

If you’re interested in, or are currently immersed in local search, then the Search Engine Journal has produced just the guide for you. The definitive guide to local SEO does exactly what its says on the tin: it’s a detailed and concise guide that is certainly worth putting aside thirty minutes or so to get to grips with. Or use it to refresh you local SEO techniques.

Anyone who follows Matt Cutts’ blog will know he’s a big fan of his 30 day challenges; they were even the topic of his TED speech. For July his challenge was to not send e-mails after 9pm. I don’t know about you, but I certainly couldn’t handle this!

If you’re new to the SEO Game, you might want to check this article out: How to learn SEO. It’s a hefty article, but worth reading if you have the time. Maybe bookmark it and dip in and out throughout the week.

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