What are the skills required for SEO?

What are the skills required for SEO?

Do you have the SEO skills required to come out on top – of Google?

SEO professionals come from a variety of backgrounds. From sales to customer service experience, English to Psychology degrees or no qualifications at all, digital marketing is a profession with so many opportunities for so many people.

In today’s increasingly digital world, digital marketing is a popular career choice. With so many tech-savvy professionals all vying for the same positions, it begs the questions – what SEO skills are required to forge a successful career?

It’s no secret that having the right skill set can seriously set you up for the right career and can give you the upper hand. It’s not all about experience, but rather what you can bring to a company. So, what are the skills required for SEO? We tell you all.

Person using SEO skills to code a website.

Critical thinking

When it comes to SEO, chances are you’ll be working on behalf of several different clients, all who’ll have various different problems with their campaigns. And, let’s face it, our clients don’t always fully understand SEO.
Every client and website are different; therefore, every SEO strategy is unique and requires a different way of thinking. After all, problem-solving and SEO go hand in hand. From finding potential site issues to conducting competitive research and figuring out how to reach those top rankings, being able to think critically about both your work and the work of your team, along with being able to identify and fix problems, can go a long way in achieving success for your clients.

Creativity and flexibility

While people often think that digital marketing is all about the technical, that isn’t actually true. Instead, digital marketers need to be creative and flexible, above all else, to deal with the changing needs of clients and the industry as a whole.
The ability to create exceptional content is critical to the role, especially if you want to make sure that your brand is seen in the saturated marketplace. Similarly, marketers need to think outside the box. It’s fine to consider every new trend, but the challenge comes with trying to fit those trends to your brand identity and KPI’s.

The unpredictability of the industry makes it an enticing and exciting career, and so
Your creativity will be even more valuable if you pair it up with flexibility. It’s an unpredictable field. You should learn how to roll with the punches and work with what you have without compromising the effectivity of your marketing ideas.


Often, SEO agencies sell their services based on full or half days. This means that SEO executives regularly have to closely organise their time and resources to ensure they’re meeting their client deadlines. Similarly, SEOers regularly organise a huge range of data to access what’s important to their campaign.

While organisational skills will come in handy for any digital marketer, it’s not just about categorising facts and figures. Equally as important is scheduling posts for social media or blogs, and knowing what content should be posted where, and when. It’s about having the ability to organise audience demographics and personas and using your findings to plan a great strategy.
With technologies, trends, techniques and algorithms changing almost daily, if you’re not organised then there’s not much room for you in the digital marketing industry.


When it comes to SEO, all decisions are based on the facts and figures, the hard data. As an SEO executive, it will be your job to analyse this data, looking for dips in traffic or conversions, and searching for clues and indicators that help you to plan your next move.
Demonstrating that you have the ability to sift through the figures and pull out the logical information you need will go a long way towards helping you to succeed.


While not every job within SEO requires an in-depth knowledge of Magento, HTML or WordPress plugins (unless you’re applying for a web developer job, obviously) you will need to have an affinity with technology to do well in most roles.
Having at least a basic knowledge of the technical aspects of SEO can help you to succeed. After all, even if you’re not the most technologically-minded individual, you will still have to work with systems such as MailChimp, WordPress or Google AdWords.


No matter which SEO role you work in, whether that’s a web developer or an account executive, to work in digital marketing you have to have excellent communication skills. Essentially, in all digital marketing roles, you’ll be required to write. Whether that’s an email or a blog, even if you never write a piece of copy that is seen, even chatting with clients requires top-notch communication.

A Sense of Humour

As digital marketers, we deal with a lot of ups and downs on a daily basis. From algorithm changes to client complaints, new practices to those dreaded ‘SEO is dead’ claims, in the SEO industry, changes happen fast.
Therefore, it’s important sometimes to take a step back and remember, at the end of the day it’s just marketing, we’re not saving lives. A stressful job, working within SEO is often like working on the battlefield – shots being fired at you (via search engine changes), your competition trying to take you down and your desire to be the last man standing. When it comes to those times you want to close your laptop and never look at another piece of technology again, a sense of humour can go a long way towards making your job more enjoyable. After all, there’s always tomorrow!

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