SEO Manchester: How Local SEO Helps Manchester Businesses

Why is it important for Manchester businesses to use SEO strategies? How does local SEO factor into overall SEO Manchester results – and what does local SEO entail? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this guide on SEO in Manchester.

Why Do Manchester Businesses Need SEO?

It’s no secret that there’s a big demand for SEO services in Manchester. As you can see from this ahrefs report, on average over a thousand searches are made for SEO Manchester monthly:

SEO Manchester ahrefs keyword results

This shows just how many people are looking for SEO Manchester services already! This could include your competitors, as SEO is becoming a more common consideration for small businesses and large companies alike. Competition is tough in search engine results, so your business will need to use the best and most updated SEO tactics to stay ahead of the curve. This is where we come in; Bigfoot Digital can help Manchester businesses and organisations rank highly. We improve a client’s online presence using a range of tried-and-tested methods.

For Manchester businesses wanting to target potential clients and consumers in the local area, Local SEO is one of the most important aspects we can use to improve their search engine rankings.

What Sets Local SEO Apart from Other Methods?

Local SEO includes optimisation strategies that boost a business in search engine results concerning local areas. For a Manchester hairdresser, as one example, this could include searches like ‘Manchester hairdressers’ or ‘hairdresser in Manchester’. Manchester businesses can even come up for searches that don’t include a location. This is because Google tracks a user’s location and can offer them localised results based on their search.

Whether you operate solely within Manchester or have identified Manchester as an important area for your business, local SEO can help you significantly. Here are just a few strategies we can use to boost your SEO results in Manchester:

Google My Business Listing

Taking advantage of a Google My Business listing is essential; this is how your business can turn up in rich snippets on Google. Rich snippets for local SEO include maps listings and the business information box that appears in the top right-hand corner of a page:

Bigfoot Digital Google Maps Local SEO Rich Snippet
Bigfoot Digital Google My Business Rich Snippet

Localised Content

Targeting location-based keywords can be difficult when you want your homepage to be less location driven. Luckily there are SEO content strategies that can address this.

From Manchester-based blog posts to location optimised landing pages, there are many ways to increase the amount of localised content on your website. This is an effective strategy whether you’re operating exclusively within Manchester or this region is an important location for you.


Bigfoot Digital Google Review

If people in Manchester are loving your business and show that love in a review, then others in the area will be more likely to choose you too. Reviews (and other forms of user-generated content) are great indicators of trust in an organisation or service that search engines pay attention to.

Of course, negative reviews can have an impact on potential customers. However, in an increasingly online world, it’s impossible to avoid a bad review or two. The best way to address this is to balance them out by encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews.

Directory Listings

Beyond Google listings, there are many high-quality directories where you can list your business. Directory listings are all indicators of NAP (Name Address Phone) details, building up your location information online. This ensures search engines strongly associate your business with a specific location, aiding how often you feature in local search results.

These are just a few of the resources your business can utilise to improve local SEO results and brand awareness, letting you make your mark on the SEO Manchester map. If you’d like to find out more about how SEO techniques can help your search engine rankings and website traffic, get in touch with Bigfoot Digital today.