What is a listing in SEO?

What is a listing in SEO?

Getting listed online increases your exposure and gets you found. How else can an SEO listing benefit your business?

Businesses are listed all over the internet. An SEO listing combines your business information such as your company name, address, opening hours and website URL, and lists your details online for others to view. No matter your business size, everyone can benefit.

Whether it’s on Google, on your own website or in the multitude of directories across the web, people use the information posted here to find you and to use your services for themselves. Business listings increase your visibility and transform your brand into something more well known.

Business organising an SEO Listing

Why is an SEO listing so important?

Years ago, it was the norm to publish information about a business offline in physical magazines or newspapers, perhaps with the odd coupon to encourage a few more sales. Even though these are still viable advertising methods, they’re not the first port of call for businesses anymore.

With so many people on the web these days, it’s become more and more important for businesses to have an online presence. The way of advertising has moved on from those big yellow pages and newspaper listings. So, why is it important?

Driving the right traffic to your site is essential to getting more custom. Listing your business in all the right places online can enable you to gain more sales and generate more interest from your ideal target audience. However, it doesn’t just happen instantly.

With your information sealed in place in multiple areas on the web, wherever people go to find your services, they will see your information. With an SEO listing, your customer can understand what you do in more detail, visit your web links and contact you if they need to.

Depending on your industry, there are thousands of online directories designed to get you noticed and found by the people who have a need for your service. If people are searching for a service you provide, you should be there to serve, no questions asked.

How to choose the right platforms.

Even though there are many sites to choose from, it still matters where you’re listed online. The first thing to remember is to stick to reliable sites. Use those with a high domain authority and ones that are the real deal to avoid spammy emails or sales calls.

The next thing to consider is which sites will be the most beneficial. For example, if you’re in the construction industry, you’ll obviously not get signed up to a wedding directory. It’s not relevant to your business and you could, in fact, get penalised for this.

Start with the major sites such as Google My Business, Yell and Facebook to name a few. These sites are the most popular and reliable, sites that millions of people visit on a daily basis to find new businesses that offer the products and services they need.

After your major sites, you can then begin the search for industry related sites. The more relevant and credible the sites you choose are, the more chance you have of getting found by the right people, and the chance of a sale will increase too.

Constantly inputting your company information into the volumes of different listing sites can be a repetitive task, but you must remember the effect it will have on your business’ success in the long run. Not only is it great exposure, but it’s also a great link building tactic too.

Benefits of a local listing.

Local listings allow you to showcase your business to the right people if you’re trying to target a certain area. It’s an opportunity to build your brand and make a name for yourself locally; an effective way of getting the most relevant traffic and customers.

Making your business stand out in your local area is essential. Competition is tough and it can be really difficult to create a brand image that sells. Telling customers not only where they can find you, but why you should be their first choice is crucial marketing.

With a number of business listings, you can get your name on there for free. With others, they sometimes ask for a small fee for being listed. These fees can either be a lifetime cost or a cost per month or year. Overall, the process is relatively inexpensive.

Not only does advertising your business through online directories give you the exposure your business needs but it’s great for SEO purposes. The more you build your authority and relevancy, the higher your Google ranking will be for your chosen keywords.

Start with the right SEO listing for your business today.

We know SEO inside out, and the right SEO listing will bring the business to your doorstep. If you’re in need of some new SEO strategies that work and convert, give us a call today on 01227 720 755 and speak to one of our friendly digital marketing experts.