Why SEO and Internet Marketing Should Work Together

A lot of businesses have a tendency to operate in silos, or individual departments. While this may work, to some extent, for the human resources or accounting teams, it doesn’t work when it comes to search engine optimisation and marketing. It’s not uncommon for marketing teams to work separately from SEO teams, but this approach isn’t beneficial.

SEO Weaves in and out of Marketing

SEO can’t help but weave in and out of most other online marketing tactics. Consider this: SEO relies heavily on content, content needs to be targeted for a specific market by way of market research and then distributed through email, social media or other marketing tools.

As search engines increasingly value quality over quantity and pure link building isn’t a strong SEO strategy, SEO must work in conjunction with other marketing tactics to work well. SEO content should be well written and valuable to your market. It shouldn’t be spammy or created quickly and aimlessly just to build links.

SEO strategies can include tactics like blog posts, articles, white papers, website content, social media accounts, video descriptions and almost all other forms of online content that is optimised, linked strategically and published on high-quality sites.

SEO and Internet Marketing are Stronger Together

So, maybe SEO needs some marketing tactics, but does marketing need SEO? Absolutely. Marketing tactics and strategies can be enhanced by SEO.

For Internet marketing to benefit your company, people need read your content, follow you on social media and visit your website. To do these kinds of things, you need to be findable, something SEO can help you do.

As you optimise your marketing content, you will be making it easier for your market to find you online, which makes it easier for you to convert people into customers.

Keep in mind that some of your potential customers may not be searching for your business name or even product names. They could be searching for solutions you offer. For example, if you are an electronics company, some of your customers may be searching for “affordable cell phones” or “free laptop shipping.”

Use SEO to enhance your marketing strategies to make your content more findable and your campaign pieces more effective.

The Importance of Rowing Together

While it’s important to keep in mind that SEO and marketing can, and should, complement each other, it’s also important to recognise the importance of rowing together. If some of your efforts are pulling your business in one direction, while some are going another direction, you won’t be as successful as you could be.

You want your SEO and marketing efforts to pull your business in one, united effort so that your internal teams will know what your goals are and will be more productive.

Working together and coordinating on efforts like what kinds of content to use, what messaging to include and where to publish Internet marketing tactics will also help you more effectively reach your market.

If you approach potential customers and even your current customer base with unorganised ideas, mixed messages and bits and pieces of branded material that don’t flow together, you will lose their attention. They will be lost, confused and not likely to continue to do business with you.

Avoid this problem by making sure your SEO team and strategy work closely with your other marketing efforts so the two strategies can complement each other and be stronger together.