SEO in Barnsley: from industrial past to digital future

We aren’t the only SEO Company in Barnsley and the surrounding area – but we think we’re the best.

The industrial past is an important part of Barnsley’s heritage, but this market town is being injected with a new lease of life thanks to new SEO agencies and social media management companies. Fast becoming a hub for digital and online marketing, Barnsley has truly stepped onto the digital scene.

Since Bigfoot Digital took up residence in the Digital Media Centre right opposite Barnsley’s train and bus interchange, we’ve seen the DMC and our services of SEO in Barnsley go from strength to strength, attracting companies from the digital sectors and beyond from all across the county.

Barnsley is ideally placed to connect Northern powerhouses of Sheffield and Leeds, as it was built at the centre of three road cross-sections – Sheffield to Wakefield, Rotherham to Huddersfield and Cheshire to Doncaster. SEO offerings in Sheffield have made leaps and bounds, and the city is now at the forefront of digital direction in the UK. We hope that Barnsley can make similar moves alongside its bigger sister.

Barnsley’s history

Barnsley in many ways typifies a Northern mining town, and its infrastructure really was hit hard by the mine closures, the last of which came as late as 1994. Wire, linen and glassmaking were also major industries, and only one glass making company remains today. Their part in Barnsley’s past is set – the Barnsley coat of arms features both a coal miner and a glass-blower.

Barnsley is also famous for the film Kes, a story about a young boy whose hopes and aspirations grow as he trains a kestrel (every Barnsley resident has a relative or knows someone who starred in the 1969 film). With several Bigfoot staff members born and bred in Barnsley, Bigfoot Digital are proud of both Barnsley’s past and its future – for proof, see our Office Manager’s post “Why Barnsley is Brilliant“!

Redevelopment and Barnsley’s digital future

In 2002, Barnsley was completely turned around, as Barnsley Council and various partners launched a consultation called “Rethinking Barnsley”. This meant redevelopment across the town centre, including the interchange, culture centre and the Digital Media Centre (where our very own offering of SEO in Barnsley is based), which opened in 2007.

Barnsley’s creative and digital industries (CDI) sector is developing quickly and many new businesses are moving to the area. The attraction of the media centre as a modern and professional hub for creative workspaces has played a large part in this. What was once a small market town is fast becoming a digital hub; of the 6,315 businesses in the area, just under 10% are now companies in creative and digital industries. We think that number is set to grow.

According to representatives at Enterprising Barnsley, “established and new companies are well positioned for growth here.” This statement has proved true, with exponential growth in the number of marketing agencies offering search engine marketing services in Barnsley.

Bigfoot Digital are proud to be a part of this huge shift towards enterprise in Barnsley. We are especially proud to work with local and national businesses based in Yorkshire, though we also work for clients nationally and internationally. As the Yorkshire economy grows and an increasing number of companies are realising the importance of digital marketing and a strong presence online, the future looks bright.

If your company, whether from Barnsley or beyond, is looking for support in search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing and other inbound marketing strategies, Bigfoot Digital can help. We specialise in helping companies improve their overall digital strategy, and we can help you today, so get in touch!