SEO Goals to Help you get on Track

At your business, you probably already set marketing, sales, branding and other types of goals, so why not set search engine optimisation goals? Setting goals for your SEO strategy is vital if you want to see success.

The right kind of goals will help keep you on the right track so your campaigns will be efficient and will ensure that the benefits you see from your campaigns will help your entire business.

Some Common and Useful SEO Goals

Each business will have unique goals and you’ll need to spend some time analysing your strategy and what you want to accomplish to set the right goals for you. But, here are some common SEO goals that can help you stay on the right track and find success.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

The theory behind SEO is that when you employ different tactics your website will appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPS). One of the easiest ways to measure your success is to track your search rankings.

Increased Organic Traffic

SEO is commonly used to boost organic traffic. When your website, blog and other pages appear higher on SERPS, more people will find your site. These people could be looking specifically for your website or could be using search terms related to your site and discover your business.

More Leads from SEO Rankings

As you use SEO to increase traffic to your lead forms, you can measure how successful you are by measuring the number of leads you get. When you use the right keywords and your forms are easy for your market to find, your leads will increase.

Increased Sales

Another common way to use SEO is to drive traffic to product and sales pages. As these pages successfully gain rankings and attract traffic, you can measure your sales as a way to decide if your SEO strategies are working.

These are just a few common goals, but you can use them as a starting point as you set your own. Decide what you want to accomplish as a business, how SEO can help you do that and then define some very specific goals.

Making sure Goals are Effective

When you set your goals it’s important that they will help guide you through your strategic planning and get results. The first step in setting effective goals is making sure they clearly outline what you want to accomplish with a measurable element.

For example, saying “increase sales” is not as specific as “increase sales by 10 percent.” When your goal gives you something to aim for you will be more active in making your strategy work.

Effective goals also have a sense of time. Don’t stop with “increase sales by 10 percent.” Expand the goal to be something like “increase sales by 10 percent in the next three months.” This very specific goal gives you something to aim for, measure your success with and a deadline to strive for.

The best SEO goals help you stay focused and create an effective plan so that your SEO efforts will benefit your entire business. Start setting some goals by using these examples as starting points and expanding them to meet your needs and to be more specific and measurable.