SEO Experts Jargon Busting: Link Juice

What is Link Juice? Our SEO Experts explain…

When you first enter the world SEO, there are so many terms that are confusing and, frankly, downright bizarre. As SEO experts, we’ll take you through some of the terms and what exactly they mean so when you’re working out how SEO can help your business, you won’t be swept away by the digital marketing jargon.


Today, our SEO experts are answering, ‘what is link juice?’ Nope, you won’t come across it while you’re having breakfast, but you will bump into it as you research link building and link building strategies. In short, it describes the strength of links that are pointing towards your website.


Link Building

Link building describes the process of building the domain authority of your website – which means that Google sees you as a trustworthy and relevant authority for your subject. There are many link building techniques such as backlink profiling, outreach and buying links (some much more effective than others!), but they all rely on link juice.

Link Juice

Every website you get a link from has their own domain authority. Imagine this represented as a jug of juice (bear with me here). If the page has one link, that’s one cup to pour the juice into. This means that cup can receive the whole jug of juice. In other words, that link receives all the link juice the website has to offer.

Link juice, therefore, describes the way one website passes its domain authority to another by linking to it. This is the whole point of link building. When you ask someone to link to you, what you’re really asking is for them to help you build up your domain authority. Passing on link juice is another way for that website to vouch for you and your authority. They’re saying to Google that they see you as worthy of being seen by their readers and customers.

It gets more complicated when the website has more than one link coming out from it. If there are two links, the juice is shared out between two cups, meaning each one has half the amount. If there’s three, it’s a third and so on. The more links that go out from one page, the more diluted the ‘link juice’ becomes.

This is why the SEO experts at Bigfoot Digital carefully construct our SEO campaigns so that the links built are strong, varied and help Google understand that your website is worth showing to potential customers. Link juice is, of course, only one factor in building a link profile in the very complicated world of SEO. If you want to start (or continue) optimising your business website, then get in contact with one of our SEO specialists. We’d love to chat!