SEO Copywriting


SEO copywriting is so much more than just producing text to fill your website. On a basic level it involves producing well considered and compelling content, including relevant keywords, which will help a web page rank well in the search engine listings. Sounds simple enough but in our experience very few people can actually write well, let alone produce content that both your target audience and the search engines will love.


Whilst it’s important to pitch the content on your website for the search engines (not forgetting your target audience obviously) these days the majority of the factors that determine your rankings are based on things that happen away from your website. As is the case in ‘real life’ what others say about you is far more important and believable than what you say about yourself.
As far as the search engines are concerned it doesn’t matter how optimised the content on your site is if no one is interested enough to link to it. The more compelling and optimised content out in the World Wide Web about your business, with relevant links back to your website, the more the search engines will love your pages and the higher up the rankings your site will appear. Successful SEO copywriting requires a specific skill and the right level of knowhow. The team at Bigfoot Digital has oodles of SEO copywriting experience and a proven track record in delivering winning SEO strategies.