SEO Copywriting: How to Write SEO Content for People, and Robots!

Being obsessed with SEO copywriting for Google only is by far the biggest mistake people make when developing a content strategy. ‘Write for humans, not robots’ has been the advice given to Copywriters for six years (since the Panda update). But, is it still the case today? The answer, like many in the mystifying maze of search engine optimisation, is both yes and no.

When the Panda update was first released we saw many a SEO’er scramble to re-form a strategy free from duplicate content, spam links and keyword stuffing. In recent years, a combination of writing for robots and humans is accepted. Writing to please algorithms – the formulas used to determine rankings – must be done following Google’s best practice.

In this article, we’ll discuss formulating the perfect content strategy to please both robots and humans.

Let’s get started…

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (or SEO, for short) is a way of optimising your content for relevant search terms to ensure you are found by the right people searching online. That’s simple, right? If only, that were the only consideration. First, you must consider how frequently to use keywords.

Google doesn’t like to see people abusing its cleverly constructed algorithms. So, over-optimisation of content is off limits. Instead, you should include keywords naturally in your content – for example:

Over optimisation: Do you need SEO copywriting for your business? Our SEO copywriting services will give you the best results. Visit our SEO copywriting page for guaranteed position one rankings.

SEO: Looking for SEO copy writing? We offer search engine optimisation that generates impressive first page rankings for your business.

Can you tell the difference? Which keyword was used in these sentences? Get the balance right and you’re one step closer to perfect search engine optimisation.

Keyword research

The next step is keyword research. What are people typing in to find services/products related to your business? These are the ones you’ll want to target in your content strategy. We never recommend simply guessing what people are searching for. Using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs will give you accurate results for search volume, potential traffic and competitive terms. This will allow you to scope out a realistic SEO strategy for your business.

It’s worth noting that certain keywords can be used more frequently that others. ‘SEO’, for example, is a short, competitive keyword which is used multiple times across the internet. For this reason, we can pretty much guarantee using this keyword in your content will not land you with a penalty. ‘SEO content writing’ is a longer keyword that will appear as spam content if used too many times on a page or blog post.

Conversion optimisation

Conversions come from creative content with a strong call to action. While search engine optimisation will get you higher in the rankings, failing to engage with readers will result in a lower conversion rate. Always write powerful content that will encourage people to get in touch with your business. If your content is dull, over optimised and is littered with errors, then you will lose business. Manage SEO with strong quality content and you’re on to a winner.

SEO copywriting services

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