SEO For Construction Companies That Want To Succeed!

SEO For Construction Companies

Building A Strong Online Presence For Your Construction Business.

First off, what is SEO? And why is it important for my construction business? SEO is a marketing term (it stands for Search Engine Optimisation), and getting familiar with it will help potential clients find your business. If you are looking to generate more enquiries, an online marketing strategy is essential. It’s that simple.

Websites that appear at the top of the search results usually enjoy a significant uplift in traffic and enquiries. If someone types in a keyword or phrase related to your business, what comes up? If a competitor appears before you, the chances are, you will lose business. How often do you click past the first page of Google? We’re guessing, never. You find what you are looking for on page one without venturing any further. Strong SEO ensures your business appears at the top of the search results.

At Bigfoot Digital, we are specialists in Construction SEO. We pride ourselves on delivering first-class search engine optimisation services. Our ability to rank websites at the top of Google results in numerous conversions over the years. We offer affordable SEO services to the construction industry.

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On this page, we’ll explore the top benefits of SEO for the construction industry, along with tips on how to optimise your website:

Benefits Of SEO For Construction Companies:

1) Higher Rankings

The end goal of any SEO campaign is to appear at the top of Google. Here are some facts that reveal the importance of ranking high in Google:

  • Websites that appear on the first page get 50% more clicks.
  • Sites that appear near the top are also seen as more credible.
  • Position one results get 91% of the clicks.
  • 90% of all buying decisions start with a search engine.

So, if you want more eyes on your business, then SEO is the marketing strategy for you.

2) Improved Visibility

Higher rankings equate to real results. The reason? If you optimise for the right keywords (we’ll get onto that later), then you will appear for people who are looking for services that you offer. By clicking on your website, they learn more about your business, explore your content and make an enquiry.

If people like what they see, they are likely to recommend you to a friend or ask others to visit your site for a second opinion. This type of brand recommendation is hugely beneficial as it comes from real people rather than advertisements. Offer a valuable user experience and watch as your referral and direct traffic goes through the roof.

3) Qualified Traffic

SEO also ensures that you reach people who are directly looking for the services you offer. They are searching for ‘Construction Company Near Me,’ ‘Construction Services UK,’ ‘Construction Business,’ or other.

This prevents you from wasting time and money on traffic that is unlikely to convert. Instead, you target people who are actively searching for a company like yours. If you want to attract more qualified leads, boost revenue, and experience ROI, this is the marketing strategy for you.

5 Tips To Grow Your Construction Business:

Now, let’s take a look at SEO construction strategies you can implement today:

1) Commercial Intent Keyword Research

Start your SEO campaign with keyword research. Keywords are relevant because they are the words customers use to find you online. What do you want to be found for? But, more importantly, what can you realistically be found for?

‘Construction’ is a broad keyword with over 19,000 monthly searches. In this snapshot, you can see many terms surrounding ‘Construction.’ People are searching for ‘Construction Jobs,’ and ‘Construction News,’ along with searches for ‘Construction Companies.’

For the best results, optimise for long-tail keyword variations. These are the phrases that are directly related to the business you run. For example, ‘Construction Company London’ is a relevant, localised search term with a volume of ‘250’ monthly searches. The competition is non-existent, which is brilliant. There’s a good chance of ranking for it in the search results.

2) Write Original Content

After finding keywords that may interest potential customers, you can begin to construct (get it?) content that is optimised using those terms. Creating, and publishing informative content on a regular basis will keep your website fresh and interesting in the eyes of Google.

If you don’t have a blog, consider creating one and uploading relevant content once a week that customers are looking for. Frequently asked questions are great places to start. What concerns may your customers have about hiring a construction company? Put their mind at rest with a detailed blog ending with a call-to-action that points to your contact page. It’s all about the customer journey.

In addition to articles, you can incorporate visual content such as images, videos and case studies of completed projects. This is a great way to engage with readers and keep them exploring your site for longer. There are also many SEO benefits to optimised visual content giving you the ability to appear in the image search results.

3) Streamline Your Site Navigation

It’s also important to keep your website navigation as simple as possible. People don’t like confusion. Give your customers clear instructions that are concise and descriptive. Link to pages from your homepage, and include a link so that people can get in contact with you.

Effective site navigation will encourage people to stay on your site for longer periods of time and will give you a significant rankings boost. Google likes simplicity. A website that has clear navigation in the eyes of Google has a purpose. It can see it’s focused on conversions and points visitors in the direction of enquiring.

4) Optimise For Local SEO

When people search for construction companies in your area, you want to appear at the top of the search results. Local SEO can help more people in your area find your business and make an enquiry with you. We understand that it takes more than keyword optimisation to appear for local search terms.

You’ll need to create optimised supporting pages with internal links to power up your core location page. Enter them naturally into your page titles, headings and site content – but, don’t over-optimise.

If you’re optimising for local search terms, then setting up Google My Business is an essential activity. GMB is entirely free to use. All that is required is to have a physical business address. This will help you appear relevant for many local based construction terms.

5) Optimise For Mobile Search

Today over 60% of searches are performed on a mobile device. For this reason, if your site isn’t optimised for mobile searches, you will be losing out on thousands of potential visitors every single day. Mobile optimisation ensures that your website offers that same exceptional user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It prevents users from becoming frustrated because they can’t find the information they need on-the-go.

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SEO is a low-risk investment, and it has the power to yield impressive results for your construction company.

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