Are SEO Companies Worth The Money? The Honest Truth!

Business owners across world are still asking “Is SEO worth the money?” And, more specifically, “Are SEO companies worth the money?

We know what you’re thinking. Bigfoot Digital, you’re a digital marketing agency, right? There’s no way you’ll say a bad word about search engine optimisation. Well, in this blog post, we may shock you as we’re about to tell you the whole truth about SEO – the good, the bad and the ugly.

So, what do we know, and why should you listen to us?

We have been in the SEO game for some time. We have ranked many websites at the very top of Google, including Bigfoot Digital. We’re up there for some of the most popular terms in our industry, which gives us an edge over the competition.

When we started the business, over ten years ago, we had one goal in mind. To grow the business through search engine optimisation.

Back then, SEO was a tactic you could use quite aggressively. We were a small business going up against big money competitors who had a marketing budget of millions to spend every year. But, we had something they didn’t. The ability to adapt to the changing online environment. Before too long, Google’s algorithm had changed again and we shifted our strategy. We follow industry bloggers, network with professionals and share posts on social media with our clients to ensure we don’t miss a trick.

Can we do SEO? Yes!

However, there are some common misconceptions when it comes to SEO that should be put to bed before we move on to the benefits of working with us:

Misconception #1: Rankings = Profit!

One common misconception that SEO’ers push into the face of clients is that “once you secure first place rankings, the sales will come flooding in.”

We’ve had clients approach us tired of the relationship of their current SEO company, who promised an uplift in sales once they hit the top spot. So, what is the problem here? No matter how great your rankings are, you won’t find success if your website fails to deliver a positive user experience.

Is your website responsive on all devices? Does it answer questions that readers want to know? If your SEO company have optimised for robots, and not humans, they are only doing half a job. Get your on-site SEO nailed on, and you can make the first page of Google. Trust us, we’ve done it.

Misconception #2: Ranking for specific keywords

In the golden age of SEO (which was only a few years ago) you could optimise for specific keywords successfully. These days, things are not so simple. Yes, you can optimise for specific key phrases, but ultimately the power sits with Google.

Got a schedule of when the next algorithm update will hit? Know exactly what Google is going to do next? Impossible, no one can guarantee you anything.

Don’t trust an SEO agency that promises “position one rankings!” Google can change its algorithm update any second. It all started with the introduction of Penguin and Panda updates.

What a pesky Panda.


Misconception #3: All SEO is the same

You do a Google search for ‘SEO company’ and you’re confronted with a long list of results. 4,610,000 to be precise. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO, so you’ll find a number of different SEO services.

seo company search on Google

But, how do you know what to look for?

You’re looking for someone that does SEO well, obviously. Are they at the top of the Google results? Do they offer affordable SEO services in your area? Do they have positive reviews? If so, then you’re on to a winner. Not every SEO agency will tick all the boxes. It’s about finding the one that you can trust to deliver results.

Some will practice underhanded black hat SEO to get you that top spot on Google. It may work for a while, but your success will be short lived. Once Google gets wind of what is going on (and it most certainly will) you’ll be hit with a penalty, meaning that you’ll drop off the SERPs. White is the only colour hat you’ll catch us wearing!

So, should you pay for SEO services?

This is a very good question, and is one that depends on the SEO agency in question. We don’t advise that you pay out for a strategy that will not result in a return on investment. Without that, what’s the point?

Of course, we understand that you want to see a profit from your time with us. We take the time to really dig into your industry and get to know your business. We never promise anything, but have the results to prove we have achieved great things. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

The best advice we can give is to be ready for a conversation with your chosen SEO agency. Prepare questions that really put them to the test. (We are ready for you, do your worst!) What do you get for your money? Is monthly reporting included? Will they keep you updated with any changes to Google? I know we do all of these things, plus more. 

As with all enquiries, we’ll prepare a free, no-obligation quote for you. We’ll even put you in contact with our clients, so you can ask them yourself. If you are looking for an SEO agency that you can trust to deliver results, we’d love to hear from you. We’re just a phone call away, and if nothing else, you’ll receive professional advice for your business. 

I hope that for most of you reading, you are now better equipped to answer the question “are SEO companies worth the money?” We’d love to hear from you, let us know what you think.