SEO Campaign Step 1: Website Review

Whether you are just starting a search engine optimisation campaign for your business for the first time or have just launched your third website and are starting to promote it, the first step is to do a website review.

The world of SEO is full of all kinds of strategies, tactics and theories, many of which you’ll need to use as you develop your campaign and start earning rankings. But, the starting point is simple. You need to make sure your website is ready to be the foundation of a successful campaign.

What is a Website Review?

A website review is a comprehensive look at your website’s functionality and optimisation and its current standing with search engines like Google. When you analyse these two factors, you will learn a lot about your site and how to make your SEO campaign successful.

Website Functionality and Optimisation

First, the review will look into things like how well your website runs, if search engines can read your content, technical optimisation, traffic and conversion rates. Without these factors, your SEO campaigns won’t be as successful as they could be.

It’s also important to remember that getting traffic to your site is only the first step. If your site can’t technically handle the traffic and isn’t able to convert visitors into customers, your SEO efforts won’t benefit your bottom line.

Current Search Rankings

The second thing a website review will tell you is how your site is currently performing on search engine results pages (SERPS) with different keywords. Before you can create a strategy, you need to know where you stand, what your challenges are, who your competition is and have a benchmark so you can set goals.

When you do a complete and thorough website review, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn about your online presence. You may feel that your site is already optimised or that your rankings are average, but with a review you’ll know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to move forward.

The Vital Starting Point

Your website is the basis for your SEO campaign. All your links, traffic, content, social media, earned media, guest posts and other tactics go back to your website. If your site isn’t optimised, these tactics won’t be effective.

When people start thinking about SEO, they often think of off-site tactics like the ones listed above. But, that’s only half the picture. To make SEO a powerful part of your Internet marketing you need to make sure your site is fully optimised.

You can’t build a successful SEO campaign without knowing where you already stand. When you know where your website already ranks for keywords your market is using, you will know where you need to increase rankings and even have an idea of what you need to do to achieve higher rankings.

A website review is the essential first step of any SEO campaign. Whether it’s your first campaign or your business has used SEO for some time, starting here will ensure you have a solid foundation so your campaign will bring results.

We offer website reviews and can help you develop an SEO campaign that will boost your traffic, increase sales and help you build your online brand. Contact us to get started.