SEO Advice: Hardest Industries to Rank in Google!

SEO advice for some of the most competitive industries on the internet!

We’re biased, we’ll admit, but we firmly believe that every business can benefit from a solid SEO strategy. Literally, any website can benefit from optimising their website for improved visibility online. How else are new customers going to find you? Still, we’d be lying if we said that every business has the same approach to SEO. The truth is, some industries have more to gain from search engine optimisation as they operate in a highly competitive, and yet, alternative, markets. Today, we look at the most competitive industries that need SEO.

These are the industries that stand to gain the most from SEO services – and have the most to lose from neglecting it:

1) Adult Industry

adult seo

Would there even be an internet without this industry? It’s incredibly difficult to get websites in this industry found. It’s a hugely competitive market, and worse? All the big money keywords are dominated by industry giants with even bigger budgets.

You may find that your inbox is cluttered with emails from adult industry sites desperate to engage with you in some way. That’s because, despite your search history, these industries are so large and don’t have an SEO agency to lean on for advice, so they develop a strategy based on mass impact. Being a top ranking SEO agency, we have a pretty good idea what successful optimisation looks like. We’d recommend Adult Digital, as a professional agency specialising in marketing for the adult industry. We have referred a number of our clients here, who have all come out with page one rankings. If you operate in the adult industry, and want to see an uplift in your Google rankings, give these guys a call.

Google search results for adult digital: 67,700,000 searches

2) Gambling

It goes without saying, there’s money in gambling. The industry has blown up over the past few years, with more people heading to online sites to gamble. There’s a lot of confusion over the legalities of gambling, so that would explain the number of spam emails and black hat SEO taking place. With so many ruthless competitors playing the linking game, it can be near to impossible to bring your gambling site out at the top of Google.

Google search results for gambling: 39,300,000 searches

3) SEO

seo advice

It’s ironic that the industry focused on improving search rankings, is one of the hardest to rank. It’s a competitive industry. We have secured first page rankings for popular industry terms, but it takes patience. And, expertise to get you there, as you’re up against other companies, who all specialise in the art of search engine optimisation.

It’s a passion of ours, and we don’t stop until we get you to the top of Google. Our clients benefit from the same exceptional results. But, don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say on our testimonials page.

Google search results for SEO: 150,000,000 searches

4) Medication

seo advice for medical industry

From steroid pills, to birth control, there are endless websites that exist to sell pills, or share facts to help you make sense of the industry. This is one the most saturated markets in the online space, so without a clear keyword strategy in place, you could never see a return on investment. With many terms reaching a keyword difficulty of 15+ in this industry, choosing the right one/s can be a challenge.

Google search results for medication: 54,800,000 searches

5) Mortgages

seo advice for mortgage industry

Money lenders, in particular mortgage companies have a lot of money to throw at digital marketing. Like, A LOT of money to spend. That doesn’t give them a free pass to position one rankings (that doesn’t actually exist, in case you were wondering), but with the number of big brands out there, it doesn’t give smaller firms a chance to compete. Having a solid SEO strategy, and keeping up with the changing digital environment, is the best way to outsmart the competition.

Google search results for mortgages: 123,000,000 searches

Again, these businesses aren’t the only ones that will benefit from a strong online presence, but they do need one to stand out. Is your business lacking a successful SEO strategy? We’d be happy to help you get started. Contact our SEO specialists today for a no obligation quote for your business. Call: 01226 720 755.