The Selling Power of Colours and How to use It

This infographic from KISSmetrics shows that consumers believe visual appearance and colour are more important than other factors, like texture, sound, smell, and other elements, when making a purchasing decision. It also reports that colour increases brand awareness by 80 percent. These statistics show just how powerful colour is when it comes to making sales.

See the full-size infographic here.

The infographic goes on to illustrate the feelings different colours convey and even what colours appeal to different kinds of customers. This is valuable information that can translate to Internet marketing and help you unleash the power of colour and boost your sales.

Use the Right Colours on your Website

According to KISSmetrics, 42 percent of shoppers base their opinion of a website on just the overall design and 52 percent don’t come back to a site because of the way it looks. The way your website looks tells your market what to think of you, solidifies your brand and can influence people to make a purchase.

To leverage the power of colours, use the right ones on your website. Different colours add to the feeling and professional look of your site, which can help you influence your market. Using colours that encourage people to make a purchase can increase your online sales.

Logo, Text and Headers

Using the right colours for the logo, text and headers on your website can help you be more successful. For example, according to this research, if you want to convey a sense of professionalism and trust, you should use blue. To appeal to a youthful market and create an optimistic and energetic brand, you might use yellow or red. You may not be able to change your logo, but you can think carefully about the colours you use for headers and titles on your website and blog.


Use images purposefully by using them to weave different colours into your site. For example, according to the chart, pictures or graphics with a lot of pink and purple would be perfect for a business that has a predominantly female market or that sells beauty products. Use greens to evoke feelings of wealth or black when selling luxurious products.

Shopping Buttons

One of the most important places to use colours carefully and deliberately is on shopping buttons. These are often used as calls to action and you want them to attract potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. According to KISSmetrics, colours like orange, green, red and yellow are ideal for making sales.

Email Subscription Box

Your email subscription box is another space on your site that includes an important call to action. Use a design that captures attention and colours that tell people they can trust you and that you are a professional organisation that provides value.

Contact Forms

Depending on what your contact forms are used for, you may want to use colours to encourage purchases, convey trust, capture attention or excite your market. This is another place where you should think carefully about what colours you use.

Start using colours with purpose on your website to increase sales. Then, branch out from there and think about the colours you use on your social media account pages, content, email marketing messages and other Internet marketing tactics.