Secrets to Wildly Successful Content

Image courtesy of jessamyn west/Flickr.

Whether you are trying to get more out of your content marketing campaign, want people to share your blog posts or want to turn your website’s copy into a stronger sales tool, good content can get you there.


Several areas of internet marketing, including content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and even online advertising require excellent content. No matter what your goals are or what kind of content you are creating, here are some secrets that will make it much more successful.

Appeal to a Very Specific Audience

I’ve blogged about this before, but it is worth mentioning again. If you want your content to bring results, it needs to appeal to a very specific audience. Know who you are talking to and then keep that audience in mind as you create the content.


One way to make sure content is aimed at the right audience is to imagine you are talking to someone who fits the ideal audience description as you write it. For example, if you are writing content aimed at parents of young children, imagine you are writing the content for just one person that matches that description to make it targeted and personal.

Make it Goal Driven

What do you want your content to do? Aimlessly creating content won’t get you anywhere. Successful content is created for a purpose and each part of the piece, whether it is a blog post or ebook, supports that main goal.


Before you start creating content, identify your audience and then your goal. When you know what these thing are before you even get started, your content will be much more efficient.

Consider Where the Audience is and Where you Want It to Be

What is your audience’s current frame of mind? Where do you want it to be? What is your audience doing right now? What do you want people to do after they read your content?


Considering these questions will help you understand how you can appeal to your audience and what you need to tell people to get them to the state you need them in. A common example would be sales copy that is written for people who are not customers but that aims to get people to become customers.


Know your audience’s current state and what you would like them to do or be as you create content so it will bring results that benefit your business.

Include Relevant Calls to Action

Enter the essential call to action. When you have identified where your audience is and where you want it to be, the call to action should come naturally. Taking the sales copy example from above, a relevant call to action might be “Try our new product today,” or “Sign up for our service and receive a limited-time discount.”


To determine what the call to action should be, ask yourself what you want people to do after they read your blog post, website or online article. Most pieces of content should include a call to action.

Share, Share, Share

Content will only be successful when people read it. Get your content in front of the right audiences strategically by determining who needs to see the content and how you can best reach them. Your blog, social media accounts, your website, third-party websites and other publishing options are commonly used in content marketing.


Also keep in mind that people will want to share content that is interesting, helpful, valuable and relevant. Your audience and market can actually help you promote your content if it is so good that they want to share it on their own social media pages or blogs.


Good content can help you achieve all kinds of internet marketing goals. But, to bring results and be successful, your content needs to be well written and strategically created using these content-creation tips.