The Secret to Discouraging People from Unsubscribing

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You work hard to build your email list and use email marketing effectively, but when people start unsubscribing, all that work doesn’t pay off. The most successful email marketing campaigns retain their subscribers while they grow their email list. They don’t have a high turn over rate that inhibits their success.

When you know the secret to discouraging people from unsubscribing from your list, email marketing will become even more powerful for your business.

The three Reasons People Unsubscribe

People unsubscribe from email lists for all kinds of reasons, but Constant Contact surveyed nearly 1,500 consumers and identified the top three reasons people unsubscribe.

  • 69% said they got too many emails from the business.
  • 56% said the content is no longer relevant.
  • 51% said the content is not what they expected.

In short, people leave email lists because they aren’t happy with what they are getting.

How to Keep Your Subscribers

The secret to keeping your subscribers is providing exactly what they want. While this piece of advice may seem too simple, the research backs it up. When your subscribers get what they want and need from your emails, they will be happy to keep getting them.

Don’t Overdo It

Most respondents in Constant Contact’s research said they unsubscribe when they get too many emails. Be careful not to bombard your market with emails and find a frequency that works best for your target audience. It can also be helpful to make a promise when people subscribe that you won’t send them more than a set number of emails a month.

When you are sending highly valuable emails with new information, it’s hard to become spammy. Keep your emails to the point and only send content that will actually benefit your subscribers, not just content for the sake of sending content.

Keep it Relevant

Keeping your content relevant means two things. First, it needs to be relevant to industry trends, market needs and current events. Relevant content reflects current attitudes to attract and benefit readers.

You can also keep your email content relevant by making sure that each email you send is very specifically written and focused on your audience, so they contain information that is personally relevant to each individual recipient.

Deliver on your Promises

People unsubscribe from email lists when they don’t get what they thought they were getting. Don’t over promise and tell people they will get things from your emails they won’t actually get. Then, make sure you deliver 100 percent on your promises.

If you told subscribers that they would get helpful household tips, make sure that is what you are sending. If you promised weekly discounts and deals, follow through and deliver. When people get what they want and what they thought they were getting when they signed up, they are much less likely to unsubscribe.

Retaining email subscribers is a constant battle for many companies. The secret to keeping subscribers is to deliver what they want, in terms of email frequency, relevancy and expectations. When you maintain subscribers your email marketing will become much more effective and bring bigger results.