Secret Content can Add that Extra “Something” to your Marketing

Content Marketing is a tactic that most businesses can use to promote their brand, attract a larger audience and market their products.

Secret content, content that only some people have access to or that readers have to sign up to receive, can do a lot for your online marketing.

Two Types of Secret Content

There are a few different ways you can use secret content. First, you can make content available to only some members of your market. Think email subscriptions, sites that require registration and social media groups. While this kind of content isn’t readily available to everyone, anyone can sign up to get access.

The second type of secret content is content that needs to be “unlocked.” These are things like blog posts or videos that require a social media “like” or require someone to enter their email address before they can see the content.

Both of these types of secret content can be beneficial. The first creates a sort of membership or elite group and helps you grow an attentive audience that responds to your content. It can also help you employ word-of-mouth marketing as people tell their friends to join.

The second can help you achieve other goals, like growing your social media following or building an email subscription list. It’s more basic, but allows you to use secret content on a more short-term basis, since you aren’t obligated to continue to provide special content to a group of subscribers.

Secret Content’s Power

So, what can secret content do for you? Depending on how you use it, you could reap several different marketing benefits.

Build a Buzz

First, when word gets around that you are providing exclusive content to only some people, everyone will want in on it. People will talk about your membership or subscription service, which will help you increase brand awareness and establish a stronger online voice.

Attract Loyal Customers

If your secret content is valuable, helpful and worth your market’s time, people will keep coming back for more and eventually, become loyal customers. This is especially true with memberships or exclusive email lists because as you continue to keep in touch with people, you continue to market your business and attract customers.

Create a Very Niche Audience

Memberships and subscription services are also excellent tools for building niche audiences. These people will be interested in the specific things you are offering through secret content and they want to hear from your business. This kind of audience is very valuable and can help you with other marketing efforts.

Achieve Online Marketing Goals

If you have goals to increase social media followers, email subscribers or site traffic, secret content can help you achieve them. Restrict some content on your website or blog and ask people to take some action, like connect with you on social media, subscribe to your email list, or share your website, to see it.

Secret content can be beneficial to your online marketing plan and can help you reach all kinds of goals. It can also help you enhance your online presence, which can make your other marketing tactics more effective.