Search Ads Shown to Increase Brand Awareness

Google and Ipsos MediaCT teamed up and did a study that produced some very interesting results about the power of search ads. What they found was that search ads do more than just bring traffic and leads for your business; they also increase brand awareness.

This new information could bring more to your Internet marketing strategy and change the way you use search ads on Google and other search engines.

The Research

The study had 800 participants look at various search results, with some of them seeing a control search engine results page (SERP) and some seeing a test SERP with select brands as the top search ad. Then, the people were given various keywords and asked what brand came to mind first.

The results were that 14.8 percent of those that saw the test page named the brand that appeared in the top ad while only 8.2 percent of those in the control group were able to name that same brand when given the same keyword.

In other words, search ads increased awareness by an average of 6.6 percentage points.

The research found that when people were presented with the search ads at the very top of a page, that brand name stuck with them and they began to associate the business with the keyword.

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What this Means

So what does this mean for your business? It means that you can use search ads to raise awareness, not just drive traffic and make more sales. Increased awareness is valuable and can help your business create a reputation that attracts customers and helps you build your presence.

Right now your paid search campaigns are probably based on keywords that your potential customers are searching for. You use words that people looking for your business, products and solutions would use and words that are more likely to be used by people who intend to make a purchase.

This is the way you should be using these campaigns, which can bring your business a lot of sales. But, this new research shows that you can also use these ads to increase brand awareness among your market.

In addition to choosing keywords for your search ad campaigns that are likely to bring customers and convert leads, you may also consider using keywords that you want your market to identify with your business. Words that are in your business’ name, describe your business, are related to your products and that your market identifies with could help you increase brand awareness.

For example, if you want people to associate furniture with your brand, you may use the phrase “London furniture” for your paid search campaign. This will help you attract customers and increase brand awareness so people associate your business with furniture.

This research is interesting and shows that paid search ads can do so much more than bring traffic and leads. Increased sales are definitely one of the biggest benefits these ads can offer, but increased awareness is also a valuable benefit that can strengthen your business.