Saturday Weekly News Round Up

Breaking News this week—I got another dog! He’s a terrier mutt from the rescue centre; his name is Kiko, and he is awesome.

And on to the SMM and SEO news, which is probably what you expected to find here! SXSW was in full swing this week, and the internet was awash with news, product updates, hands on demos, and start-up buzz.


Not entirely recent, but here’s an interesting press release about updates to Google image search.

Infographic about Social Media at SXSW

Reminiscent of the mobile patent wars, Yahoo is seeking legal action towards Facebook for alleged patent infringement. Facebook isn’t the only one in trouble, as the patents in question affect most social networking sites.


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on at Google, this 8 minute video gives you an insight into the kind of effort that goes into making Google search wonderful.

Great article from Search Engine Watch about where in-house SEO should live; IT or Marketing?

Why should you care about Klout? Great article from GigaOm

How to: Track traffic from Pinterest using Analytics

A touch of SEO chemistry: how to craft the perfect press release as part of your SEO potion

Kony2012 went utterly viral this week, promting people to ask if this form of ‘slacktivism’ really promotes change.