Saturday News Round Up

Here are some new stories you may have missed in the past week:

Mashable reports on a prediction by Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Alpha: “Forget Google Instant: In the Future, Search Engines will read your habits.”

YouTube banished the reply girls, in a move to make the relevant videos actually relevant and prevent misleading thumbnails from tempting clicks and earning money.

The new Timeline has been rolled out for brands, and Spotify has embraced it with open arms by offering a 1000 year history of Music. You can see the whole thing here: Spotify on Facebook.

Research has revealed that Facebook CMPs are much higher than other social networks.

Mashable provided another great read: The Evolution of Facebook for Brands. Take a look back at the humble roots of Brands on Facebook, brought to you by Jason Weaver is the CEO of Shoutlet.

GigaOm has delved into a hot topic: how much does Pinterest actually make? Which is something we’d all lke to know, considering the recent valuation of Pinterest at $200 million.

An App called ‘Girls Around Me’ has been shut out by FourSquare, many are hoping that the mere existence of the app will alert people to the dangers of sharing too much information on social networks.

There have been more signs that the Facebook IPO is creeping ever nearer, have a quick read of this report by CNet.

YouTube is launching a new platform called ‘I Will if You Will’ in support of Earth Hour, a campaign which dares you to take action for the planet.

And finally, remember the video “charlie bit my finger”? It has been reported that this video has made over $500,000 in 5 years; not bad for a home video.