Santa brings delight to the Clarendon Wing at Leeds General Infirmary

Our Video Marketing Executive Liam recently directed the video for Athenian Hygiene and Leeds General Infirmary, Clarendon Wing and shares details of the project with us…

I was first approached by Nathan Winch (head of Winchpharma) mid November about putting together a video for Winchpharma’s brand Athenian Hygiene. (I went to school with Nathan and have worked with him on video projects in the past). Athenian Hygiene provides hand sanitizer amongst other things for clients such as the NHS.

Nathan spent some considerable time in hospital himself as a child wanted to give something special to the kids of the Leeds General Infirmary Clarendon Wing. He decided to host a charity event through Athenian Hygiene and asked us to capture the moment. Nathan and his ‘Athenian Hygiene Elves’ visited the young patients, including children who had been injured in car accidents, newborns with illnesses and kids from transplant wards who had recent organ transplants – all ranging from 0-16 years old. They asked the children to pen a letter to Santa with something that they wanted for Christmas, most asking for specific toys and some simply asking to get better.

Once all the letters had been collected the Athenian guys headed out across Leeds over a 48 hour period to gather everything that the kids had asked for in their letters. The next morning they had wrapped up and organized all of the presents and rounded up a professional Santa and two Athenian Hygiene elves to hand out the gifts to the children in the wards.

The ‘Athenian Hygiene Elves’ hit the streets of Leeds, searching for all the toys on the childrens’ letters to Santa.


Santa roamed the halls wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and told stories to the children as the elves began dishing out the right presents to the right children, who were all pleased to receive exactly what they had asked for including laptops, Xboxes and iPads etc. Throughout the day we were learning about the children and why they were in hospital. Word spread that Santa was on his way and the excitement began to build. They were all extremely happy to see Santa and receive their presents; the magic of getting exactly what they asked for and so fast really made their day!

After a very long day we were all very pleased with how it all went. It was an amazing honour to bring happiness to such poorly children and we left them playing with their new toys. Nathan received many thanks from parents praising him and the company for their charity.


The children were so happy to receive their gifts from Santa!


Elsa’s Frozen dress is on every little girl’s Christmas list this year!


The video is online now. Please take a moment to watch and share…