Remarketing: What is it and do You Need It?

rowoftargetsHave you ever wondered if there is a way to advertise to those people who have previously visited your website? There is, and it’s called remarketing. This advertising strategy can be powerful and in a way, give you a second chance to communicate with and persuade your target market.

A recent study found that 91 percent of advertisers find remarketing to be an effective online marketing tool. With that kind of success rate, this is something you should consider using for your business.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the practice of marketing something to an audience a second time. In general, this could include relaunching a product or simply reaching out to past customers through email marketing in an attempt to increase sales.

When it comes to online advertising, remarketing refers to the process of targeting ads to an audience that has already visited your website. These people may or may not have responded to your call to action, but they have already been exposed to your business online.

Google has an AdWords remarketing feature that makes it very easy for you to target your ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app. The ads are displayed through the Google Display Network and Google search results.

These ads allow you to market to an audience that is already somewhat familiar with your brand or has already engaged with your business. This means you can create highly targeted ads with messages designed for very specific audiences.

This infographic from Google explains exactly how remarketing with AdWords works.

Should I use Remarketing?

Remarketing is a powerful tool most businesses can use to get results. If you fall into any of the following categories, remarketing could be especially effective for your business.

You have high bounce rates.

If your site has high bounce rates, meaning people often leave your site on the same page they entered from, you could benefit from remarketing. Remarketing ads could help you reach those people who don’t take the time to explore your site or respond to your calls to action.

Your conversion rates are low.

Low conversion rates also mean people aren’t responding to your calls to action. If people aren’t filling out your forms, buying your products, following you on social media, subscribing to your email newsletter, or taking any other desired action, remarketing could help. You could use these ads as a second chance to persuade people who didn’t respond the first time they were exposed to your message.

You offer lots of products or services.

If you have a huge selection of products or services, you could use remarketing to promote other products to people who have already bought something from you. To do this, create ads that promote products related to the ones already viewed by site visitors.

You have a mobile app.

You can also use remarketing ads to promote your business to people who have used your mobile app. This is especially useful if people have downloaded your app but haven’t visited your website or bought a product from you. These ads can also encourage further brand interaction.

Remarketing is a very effective advertising tactic and it’s one that can help you target ads created for a very specific group of people: those who have visited your site or used your app.