Refresh your Content Marketing in Just 3 Steps

Are you stuck in a content marketing rut? If you find yourself creating the same kinds of content over and over again or if you aren’t meeting your goals or seeing how your content marketing is making an impact on your business, it’s time for a refresh.

In some cases, you may need to completely reevaluate your content marketing strategy to overhaul your tactics and change your direction. However, sometimes all it takes is a few small changes to update your content marketing and see better results.

1 – Produce New Kinds of Content

The simplest way to update your content marketing is to produce new kinds of content. Step away from your regular articles and infographics and produce some videos and long-form blog posts, for example. This can help you get your creative juices flowing, show your brand in a new light and get your market’s attention again, as people will wake up and take notice of the change.

If you are getting good results with the content you are using, you can also just add to your repertoire by branching out and adding some new tactics while you continue to use the content that is already working.

2 – Add to your Distribution Channels

Expanding your publishing platforms and using some new distribution channels can help you create new social media audiences, reach different niche markets and build up your content marketing plan to be bigger and have a wider reach.

Choose a new social media channel to start using, start a new blog or resource section on your website, share some of your content through email marketing or reach out to third-party websites for guest posting opportunities.

Be careful not to take this step before you are ready. Wait until you have already established a solid content marketing plan and have enough resources to expand your reach. Also keep in mind that not every channel is a good fit for every business. For example, you might see more results with Facebook than LinkedIn and your market may not be swayed by email marketing, but may love your blog.

3 – Tweak your Calls to Action

To jumpstart new content marketing phases, styles or distribution strategies, tweak your calls to action. There are two situations when this step is necessary: your business goals have changed or your market has stopped responding. If you are promoting a new product, have changed what you do for your customers or want to get more out of your campaign, you will need to change your calls to action so your market can respond appropriately.

If you aren’t seeing very good results, then your calls to action might not be quite right. They may not be appealing to your market, be a good fit for the publishing platform or simply be too weak to command results.

Update your calls to action strategically, taking everything from your market to the type of content you are creating into account. Also think about what you want to accomplish and how you can persuade your market.

Content marketing is an extremely effective form of online marketing that can help you solidify your brand and grow your business. If you aren’t getting the results you want, or you are ready to expand your strategy, use these three steps to get started.