Recording Podcasts that Get Listeners

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When you listen to your podcast, do you feel like it’s missing something? Is it lacking some excitement, action or interest? Stale podcasts can be detrimental to your marketing campaign and can even damage your reputation as an expert in your industry. Adding some interest to your podcast doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes a little creativity.

Would You Listen?

Ask yourself if you would regularly listen to your own podcast. If the answer is “no,” you have some work to do. If you wouldn’t be interested in listening to your recordings, why should anyone else be? This kind of self-evaluation can help you find exactly what your podcast needs to make it more successful.

So What?

Every time you plan an episode for your podcast, ask yourself, “So what?” Why should your listeners be interested in the podcast and what does the information mean to them? If you aren’t able to answer this question, your podcasts are likely lacking substance. This can be resolved by changing the entire theme of your podcast or just by adding something more valuable.

Make Some Changes

When you have assessed how likely your market is to listen to your podcast and how valuable your content is, you can start making some more logistical changes.

Gear Your Podcasts toward Your Target Market

Who is your most likely potential customer? This is the person you need to target each podcast to. The content you include should be something your target market would be interested in or needs to hear in order to become one of your customers.

Use a Regular Format

It’s OK to add new things to your podcast, but try to stick to a format your audience can learn to expect and depend on. The format you use could be as rigid as a daily format or it could be as loose as a weekly feature your listeners can look forward to.

Intertwine All Your Content and Branding

You can use all of your business’ content to promote your podcast and build it into your brand. Use your branding throughout your podcast and use your other channels of communication, like blog posts, social media accounts and email newsletters, to encourage you readers to tune into your podcast.

Turning your podcast into an integral part of your brand that attracts your target market is a matter of recognizing when your content needs to be improved upon and then making the necessary changes to attract more listeners.