RebelMouse for Business

I did it again, I got in yet another queue to join yet another beta test for yet another social media related start-up. And once again I’m going to share with the world how this particular start up is set to revolutionise the way you interact with your audience. Why do I do this? Because getting in there early ensures I snag the username I want, and this is precisely why you should do the same. So whether the venture soars or flops, you know your company name is in the bag.

Rebelmouse is the latest of my internet love affairs; think of it as the front page of your online social media presence. With all the social networks available to businesses, this is a great way to gather the cream of the crop in one place, it will also increase your online visibility as it offers one more site with social links for search engines to index.

You can publish content directly from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and then you can use the “stick it” bookmarklett to add content from additional sites. The “Stick it” bookmarklett works in a similar way to the Pinterest button, but places more emphasis on the text accompanying the image. (If your Facebook profile it private you’ll have the option to review your content in the drafts section before posting it to your page.)

Numerous websites have already signed up, including the Huffington Post, Laughing Squid, BBC Breaking News, and Fast Company. The trend seems to be showing that news sites are the early adopters of this particular social media curation tool.

Screenshot from the Huffington Post front page

The UI is simple and clean, it’s easy to use and I connected my account with Facebook and Twitter with ease. The bookmarkletts put together by start-ups sometimes prove to be rather buggy in the early days, but the Rebelmouse “stick it” button has shown no such problems.

Why is this great for social media marketing and SEO? 

It offers yet another place to display and share your content with minimal effort. It isn’t another social media site that will demand a huge amount of attention, instead it’s a social media curation tool that allows you to highlight the best of your content and increase your shares and links.

It’s still in its early stages, so it’s yet another “wait and see” situation as it seems that marketers and social media savvy folks are among the only early adopters at this stage. Rebelmouse does show promise however, as it fills the gap between the numerous social media sites available, and fulfils our desire to be ever present and actively curating awesome content.