Quora Now Does More Than Answer Questions; It Blogs

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Quora, a site that lets users ask and answer questions, is very popular in some niche areas. While it may not be as big as Facebook or Twitter, the social media site does have a substantial amount of users and many brands incorporate the site in their digital marketing strategies.

This week, Quora unveiled a new product it calls Blogs. This feature will make it possible for users to easily set up and manage their own blog using the same, simple format as Quora’s question posts. Readers will still be able to vote for posts and share them on Facebook and Twitter via sharing buttons.

Why Quora Blogs are Different

You’re probably wondering why Quora felt the need to come out with its own blogging platform when the market is already full of literally dozens of blogging sites and management systems. The answer is that Quora’s platform is different than anything else already available to causal bloggers.

Quora has already built a huge audience and several sub audiences that are interested in specific topics or industries. Quora users can choose to follow different subjects on the site, and then questions and blog posts in those areas will appear in their news feed. As bloggers begin using the new Blogs feature they will be able to tap into that captive audience as their content is pushed to hundreds of thousands of users’ Quora feeds. This is the ideal way for someone to share information or get a message out without having to start building an audience from scratch.

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How Brands Can Use Quora Blogs

Republish Content and Gain Traffic

The most obvious ways brands can take advantage of this new feature is to start a Quora Blog and use it to reach an already present audience. However, brands can also use the platform to republish content. If you are already writing blog posts, you may want to consider publishing them on a Quora blog. You could also use a Quora blog as a sort of teaser, enticing users to visit your site or follow you on other social media channels.

Use Evergreen Content

On Quora, old blog posts are much easier to find than old posts on your company blog because it is archived by topic and interacted with on a regular basis. Depending on what topics users follow, your old posts could be revisited over and over again. Knowing this, your brand can post evergreen content, content that is helpful and doesn’t quickly expire, to a Quora blog to help raise awareness and send your brand’s message to new audiences.

Find a New Audience

Parts of your target market may already be on Quora, but chances are there is a new audience you can reach with the site’s new blogging feature. Quora already has an audience of people who are interested in finding more information about more than 300,000 topics, so why not take advantage of that? Find a topic (or several topics) that relate to your brand, and begin connecting with that market by setting up and posting to a Quora blog.

Quora has taken a big step by entering the world of blogging. This step could mean more digital marketing opportunities for your brand as you republish content, create evergreen blog posts and tap into a whole new audience