Why and How you Should Publish and Share Content on LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn announced that all users can now post and share content on LinkedIn. This announcement took the site from a basic social networking site to a networking and publishing platform, meaning it becomes much more powerful for your business.

The Perks of Publishing on LinkedIn

Last month, LinkedIn announced that it boasts more than 15 million members in the UK. When you publish or share content on LinkedIn, you can reach a huge audience.

Publishing original content on LinkedIn and then sharing it with your market will help you build your brand, increase your online presence and establish yourself as an industry expert. Whenever you can share your expertise you are informing your audience and creating more ways to get people interested in your business and products.

It’s important that you establish your website or blog as the base for your content, but when you use other sites like social media and outside publishing platforms, you are extending your reach and exposing your brand to more and more people.

Making the most of Publishing and Sharing

To get your content in front of a bigger audience, build you reputation and reap the other rewards of publishing and sharing on LinkedIn, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Know Your LinkedIn Audience

Your LinkedIn audience is different than your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram audience. The people using LinkedIn are there to connect with professionals, find information relating to business or industry trends and connect with you in a different way. When you know and understand this audience, you can create and share content that attracts it and is of value to it.

Participate in the Network

To get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to participate. When you connect with others, comment on posts, join and participate in groups and start your own group, your content will be more visible to others and you will start to have a voice on the site. This will help you build a bigger audience and be more successful on LinkedIn.

Take Advantage of Sharing Tools

LinkedIn has a whole suite of sharing tools you can use to help spread your content and allow your audience to help you share it. You can download the Share Plugin that adds a button to your site making it easy for people to share it on LinkedIn, increasing your traffic.

The Sign in with LinkedIn tool can be added to your site if you want users to login to access certain information. When you use this, you’ll get information about your users’ profiles so you can make their experience more personalised. You can also use the Share API so that when people share your content, it is attributed to your app.

The ability to publish and share content on LinkedIn allows you to reach your market in a new way, become more visible to the people you are targeting and build your online reputation. Start getting more out of your LinkedIn account by creating content, sharing it and making it easy for your market to help you share your brand.