How to Publish Content that Works on LinkedIn

Do you publish content to LinkedIn? Is it tailored for that specific market and working for your business? If you want your content to stand out, attract your market and help you meet your goals, you need to know a few things.

LinkedIn Users Read a lot of Content

LinkedIn published a report called “The 2014 Professional Content Consumption Report,” which is full of information that can help businesses learn how to use LinkedIn more successfully.

According to the report, which is based on an analysis of 2,701 LinkedIn users’ habits, people who use the site spend an average of eight hours a week consuming content that is professionally relevant to them. That’s a lot of time, which means you have the potential to get your market’s attention through content marketing.

Another interesting statistic in the report is that 43 percent of unique LinkedIn site visits were from mobile devices. That means nearly half of the people you reach on LinkedIn are expecting content, links and information that is easy to consume on a smartphone or tablet.

Why People Read Content on LinkedIn

Historically, LinkedIn has been used to connect with professionals, meet new people, network and learn about businesses. Those uses are reflected in the list of reasons people read LinkedIn content.

The report found that LinkedIn users read content published there to:

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When you know why people spend time consuming content on LinkedIn, you can make sure your are publishing content that meets those needs, making it a more effective tactic.

Content Topics that Resonate

LinkedIn’s study also found what kind of content LinkedIn users spend their time reading across all online platforms. In other words, the researchers found out what kind of content LinkedIn users are reading on blogs, websites and other social media sites.

  • 41 percent of the time is spent reading professionally relevant content
  • 30 percent is spent reading news
  • 29 percent is spent consuming entertainment

Knowing that LinkedIn users are interested in content that is professionally relevant, about current events and entertaining, we can get an idea of what kinds of content businesses should add to their content marketing plan when it comes to using LinkedIn.

These statistics show us how time is spent across all platforms, but what kind of content are people interested in reading on LinkedIn?

According to the report, the content that is clicked on and shared the most is content that falls into one of three categories:

  • New Research
  • Breaking Industry News
  • Case Studies

All of these more generally fall into the category of industry-related content. People on LinkedIn are looking for and consuming content that is related to their professions, interests and industries.

Publishing content to LinkedIn can help you reach your market, but you’ll be much more successful if you know what kind of content to post. The majority of your content should meet users’ needs and fall into one of the three categories with the most clicks and shares.

As you more closely align your content and LinkedIn strategy with these statistics, you’ll find that you will reach more people, get more engagement and increase your presence on the site, helping you meet your business goals.