Professional SEO Consultant: What Can They Offer You?

Professional SEO Consultant

What Can A Professional Offer You?

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What can a professional SEO consultant do for your business?

SEO is what gets your business noticed.

It is responsible for building your online (and offline) presence in business.

In an increasingly digital world, SEO should be a significant part of every business strategy if you are to achieve success. Businesses cannot afford to ignore SEO. You must give it the attention it requires.

Although SEO is important, it can also be overwhelming. There is keyword research, link building, content optimisation… need we go on?

What’s more, just when you think you have the hang of it, Google can change their ranking factors at any point.

For this reason, we recommend working with a professional SEO consultant. Having a trained professional by your side can make the tasks involved in improving your rankings highly achievable.

We are here to clear up any confusion you may have about what a professional SEO consultant can really do for you.

Hopefully, after reading you will be confident about where your money would be going if you decided to invest in boosting your business’ online presence.

Keyword research

The first step that any SEO consultant should take when they begin working with a client is to conduct extensive keyword research. Keyword research, combined with learning as much as possible about a company’s field and specific target audience is essential. Once your consultant understands your business fully, a tailored and effective SEO strategy can be devised.

Our talented SEO team use a range of online tools to monitor and improve our clients’ Google rankings. ProRank Tracker allows our professionals to assess where clients rank in search engines for a wide range of relevant keywords, meaning a keyword strategy can be followed effectively.

Our consultants use a range of useful tools such as this and Ahrefs, along with their years of experience and expertise, to help businesses reach top positions for their desired search terms.

Devising a keyword strategy is not overly complicated but it is time-consuming and needs consistent monitoring. Therefore, we would say that even if your business’ rankings are not completely abysmal, having a professional SEO consultant to monitor whether you are going for the right search terms is definitely worth it.

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Link building and outreach

Another task involved in implementing a successful SEO strategy is building a strong foundation of quality links to your website.

Without strong and relevant links, Google will simply not deem a website to be legitimate and its rankings will suffer.

Links are in the top three ranking factors.

Here at Bigfoot Digital, we recognise the huge importance of links so have developed a specialised link building team. As part of our SEO consultancy service, our team would love to work with you to build as many positive backlinks as possible for your website.

What’s great about SEO consultancy is that once you have learned how to find and build links successfully, you are good to go on your own!


If your business is primarily based online and you sell your products via an e-commerce website, a professional SEO consultant would be able to help you too!

E-commerce SEO is a little different as it involves consultants working with you to fully investigate the structure and range of products to tailor a strategy accordingly.

Our SEO consultants have a track record of achieving amazing results for a range of e-commerce websites. If you choose to work with us, our trained professionals will help you to ensure that there is no duplicate content, no broken links, no spam and that your website is fully mobile responsive. These are all hugely important aspects involved in e-commerce SEO.

Local SEO

Another thing that a professional SEO consultant can do for you is to make the most of your business’ relevant local search terms. We appear on the first page for a huge number of local search terms, even in London! So you can confidently trust our advice – we know what we are doing.

There are a number of methods that SEO professionals use to improve a client’s’ local rankings. One aspect is to create location specific pages for a number of areas and to geotag images on websites.

Google Analytics and tracking

As well as professionals helping you to implement an effective SEO strategy, consultants have the expertise to share to efficiently monitor and keep on top of your SEO success. Make sure to do your research and invest in an SEO consultancy service with a proven track record for delivering results and high customer satisfaction (like us 😏).

Need any more information about what a professional SEO consultant does?

If you think your business could benefit from some time working with an SEO consultant, we would love to help. At Bigfoot Digital, one of our priorities is complete transparency – we don’t hold anything back as we genuinely want our clients to be as successful as us!

Get in touch via our contact form today to find out more about the consultancy services we offer or to discuss anything digital marketing related!