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PR Sheffield

Create a buzz around your business and develop natural, quality inbound links that will boost your search visibility with our PR Sheffield services.

Tell someone about your business. They will tell someone else.

Public relations really is what it says on the tin. It’s all about communicating and building positive relationships. By reaching out to others, you’re not only increasing the trust and credibility of your own business, but also helping to bring in more sales and promote the name of your brand further than ever before. Our PR Sheffield services ensure you’re always at the top of your game. 

Our collection of strategies include the creation of informative content. It’s all about other people recommending your product instead of a business owner throwing around sales pitch after sales pitch. No one wants to feel forced to make a purchase. After all, it’s their hard earned money.

PR sheffield marketing in magazines

Instead, think about seeing that article or piece of copy that jumps out at you on a page; something with that intriguing title or opening paragraph, and something that’s relatable to the right audience – a much better tactic that will obviously get you more engagement.

What’s our process?

These days, it’s not enough for your business to shout about your products and services. (It definitely helps though!) As mentioned previously, too much of it they’ll feel pressured into purchasing when really, it should be a natural thought process. Here’s our way around this.

Contacting the right people.

First things first – you need the right people and influencers on board. Our PR Sheffield team have built solid connections with industry leaders, high-authority informational websites and premium bloggers to share carefully optimised content for our clients. Not only is our content read by thousands upon thousands of relevant people, but we secure some quality backlinks for our clients too.


The sites we work with heavily depend on how relevant they are and how much of an authority they have. There are many factors we consider before working with a site or individual including domain ranking, social media following and SEO. Without these necessary checks in place, it’d be very risky to work with some, resulting in a negative effect.


If a fellow customer recommends a product, you’re automatically more likely to take it seriously, right? As a customer, you want to know what another user thinks about it. The more positive reviews something gets and the more it is spoken about, the better your results will be.

Pr sheffield in magazines

Introducing blogger outreach!

Blogs are a key part in our PR Sheffield campaigns. A site with a blog section, as well as one which is regularly updated, is Google’s best friend.

A big part of our PR marketing is blogger outreach, where we reach out to industryspecific blog sites and individual bloggers in the fashion, health, home and lifestyle niches to name a few – whatever is more relevant to each specific client.

Creative content.

Whatever your product, we can find 101 different ways to promote it. For example, let’s say you want to promote wedding dresses. We can target blogs covering weddings, fashion and beauty, as well as sewing and lifestyle too. We can put a creative spin on a variety of topics and tell stories that are well suited to a range of high-end websites.

Powerful sharing.

Each site we work with will have a number of social media accounts. Reaching out to websites with an active social media presence and a higher following will, in turn, help create a buzz around your guest content. Our client’s articles can potentially be shared with thousands of people online. Bring likes, shares and comments into the mix and that audience will grow exponentially.


Not only are post collaborations great for getting your content seen by your target market, but it’s also a great opportunity to grab some highquality backlinks. Our PR Sheffield marketing team know what to look out for and which sites are suitable and relevant to work with for your industry’s niche. Google likes variety, which is why a great selection of links pointing to your site can give you a huge boost in search engine rankings.

Choose Bigfoot Digital.

We know that getting noticed takes time. Leave PR Sheffield marketing to us – we’ll find the right collaborators, create the most informative and engaging content and get the right people reading it. All our efforts are with you in mind.

Not only do our in-house content writers know how to create some of the most impressive articles around, but combined with our SEO savvy team of executives, we know how to optimise all content for search. We research your industry and create bespoke, tried and tested strategies to maximise exposure for your products and services.

Our PR Sheffield team are ready to go.

We like new and creative ways to market our clients, and through PR, we can do just that! If you’re looking for an agency who goes above and beyond to meet your requirements, then we’re definitely the agency for you.

To build a great relationship with our clients, we think it’s really important to get to know each other. We’d always recommend a face to face meeting in order to talk business.

We can get to know the ins and outs of your business and what you hope to get out of your new campaign, and you can also find out all about the work we do and why we think we’re the best agency for the job. With our expert team and combined years of knowledge in the industry, we’re confident that we can help you to get the results you need.

For a friendly chat with a member of our team or for more information about our PR, web design, SEO or social media marketing services, give us a call today or drop us an email to We’re excited to get the ball rolling and create a strategy that works and converts.