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Spreading the word about your Nottingham business!

Chop down a tree on a remote island and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? As the only one nearby to witness it happen, does it have an impact? Obviously, not. The same applies to your website. You can have an all singing and dancing website that is designed to perfection. But, if no one can find that site, what’s the point? You can’t drive traffic and sales because no one can find you in the first place.

We specialise in PR Nottingham campaigns that position you as the market leader. By providing value to authoritative domains, your content will reach the right people who are interested in your business and likely to make a purchase. Hit the ‘Quick Enquiry’ button for a free, no-obligation quote:

Spreading the word about a PR Marketing Nottingham campaign.

Our approach to PR in Nottingham is building relationships with influential bloggers, influencers and journalists:

  • Does it pass the ‘So What’ test? Why should people shout about your business? What makes you special? We know what makes a good story!
  • Do you have important company news to share?
  • Are you open to a creative campaign that has the potential to go viral?
  • Our PR Nottingham company has the expertise to map out creative concepts that fall in line with your online goals and KPIs. Social media mentions, creative content and relevant, authoritative backlinks are the outcomes of any successful outreach campaign.

Not only will this strategy build trust and credibility around your brand; it will also increase your online visibility. The more third-party platforms that are talking about you, the more eyes are on your brand, so you appear to be everywhere. You’re inescapable. There is a hype around your brand drawing in attention from all areas. Here’s what you can expect from our PR Nottingham company:

Blogger outreach:

Building connections with the right bloggers who have thousands of followers and powerful websites? You have outreach marketing nailed on. We have connected with amateur and professional bloggers who promote client content on a regular basis. These close connections are born from getting to know bloggers on a personal level. We’ll follow them on social media, comment and share posts of interest and even swot up on their content before pitching them a guest post that would be of great interest to their readers. And, of course, it will include a cheeky mention of your brand with a link to your website. It’s all about providing value; we can deliver outreach campaigns of exceptional value to your business, and bloggers.

PR marketing Nottingham on a laptop.
Article featured in a newspaper for a PR Nottingham company.

Publisher personalisation:

When it comes to shouting about your business, it’s essential to master public relations. Are you launching a new product in a crowded market? Expanding your company with services that appeal to new audiences? Whatever the story, we can pitch it in a way that stands out in a sea of emails and demands to be shared with the public.

Journalists receive thousands of emails about business developments. Your email needs to be captivating. It needs to present something that is of public interest. It should be free from typos and grammatical errors. Journalists are busy people; they don’t have the time to correct your slip-ups. At Bigfoot Digital, we have a team of trained content writers with backgrounds in Journalism and PR. They understand what makes a good story and how to negotiate to land you a position in their publication.

Strategic placement:

When pitching to bloggers, you need to consider both relevancy and authority. Firstly, does this person write about topics that are relevant to your business? For example, a retailer selling baby prams and pushchairs will benefit from placement on ‘mummy blogs’ or ‘parent’ sites. They may even give you a positive review and promote you on social media. That’s just introduced your business to thousands of people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

But, do their blogs live up to Google’s high standards? If not, you don’t want to go there. To experience a rankings boost, secure backlinks from sites that have a high domain authority and trust score. We’ll only approach websites that are of the highest quality and fit your niche perfectly.

Creative content:

Our PR Nottingham services not only include securing placement on the best websites in the business. We also specialise in creative content writing that is optimised to give your business a competitive edge. We are recognised by online influencers for our ability to produce high-converting content that gets liked and shared across the internet. That’s a big tick in the box for a blogger looking to increase exposure and drive traffic to their blog. It’s also great for your business as it

One final piece of advice, before you start outreach marketing for your business, is to consider the aesthetics of your website. It’s essential to make a positive first impression. Sending referral traffic to a shoddy site won’t end in sales – users will bounce right off. You need a responsive, modern website design in order to see a return on your investment.

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If you are looking for a PR agency that will give your business a boost online, you have found us. We are an award-winning digital marketing agency with a reputation for generating positive returns for clients. Drop our PR Nottingham specialists a message at for more information – we can’t wait to hear from you!