PR Newcastle

PR Newcastle

Creative, research-led and results-driven: we tell your story to the right people through our PR Newcastle services.

Investing in a well-planned and implemented PR Newcastle strategy for your business can make a huge impact. Not only does it increase trust in your brand, but also helps to strengthen relationships with your customers, grow your brand and improve sales.

But, what happens if you can’t be found? It’s all well and good having a great business model, a winning website design, super engaging social media strategy and quality content. But, if no-one knows about your business, is there really much point?

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What are the benefits of PR Newcastle marketing?

Unless you’re a huge company with a ridiculous budget, it’s impossible to get your brand seen, right? Wrong! Here at Bigfoot Digital, we’re here to give those smaller businesses a chance. Not only can a great PR strategy be picked up by a number of news outlets, making it an easy way to exponentially increase your reach and audience base, but your customers are also more likely to trust messages that come from an objective source, and is more credible than advertising. Similarly, a solid PR strategy for your Newcastle business is a very cost-effective strategy and is much cheaper than investing in a full marketing strategy yet helps to yield similar results. To put it simply, a well-designed PR campaign is a great way to highlight your brands’ story, position yourself as an expert in your industry and boost your SEO efforts.

So, what makes our PR Newcastle services different?

First and foremost, our background as a full-service digital marketing and PR agency means we understand the web, your customers and how to get your brand name out there. Not only that, but we mix business logic with endless creativity to create campaigns that exceed your expectations.

We’re natural storytellers.

With in-house content writers with journalism, creative writing and English backgrounds, we’re experts in creating compelling copy that draws your audience in. From words to graphics, pictures to videos, we know what it takes to create viral content that gets people talking.

We’re fun.

We’re not like other businesses here at Bigfoot Digital. While we work hard and dedicate our brilliant minds to your campaigns, we’re always up for a laugh, singing along to the Spice Girls or being ultra-competitive in office challenges. Our office culture promotes learning and development, and we’ll always nurture particular skills or interest, so our staff are always happy, their careers progressing in a direction they want.

We’re great at what we do.

When it comes to promoting your brand, both on and offline, it’s all about coming up with that unique idea that helps you to stand out. That’s where we come in. Not to blow our own trumpet, but we know we’re amazing at what we do. From finding a simple solution to a longstanding problem to coming up with new directions and ideas, we’re never afraid to speak our minds. We’ve created exceptional campaigns for a range of clients, from healthcare to travel, fashion to construction and so understand the importance of commercial edge.

We listen.

Unlike other agencies, we’re not one to simply tell you what we think is right from the get-go. Instead, we’ll take the time to listen to your suggestions, and do our own research. We’ll find out where your customers like to hang out, and what marketing and PR channels they respond best to.

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So, how does it work?

Outreach Marketing

We utilise our online connections with bloggers, online influencers and journalists in order to improve your brand awareness and boost your site’s online visibility. We’ll make sure we’re targeting the right people, those with influence in your industry, so that we are able to generate relevant leads and conversions for your business.

We’ll put out PR requests and collaborations on Twitter and will use our established relationships to place your articles in the right spaces, both online and off, allowing your brand to build strong relationships with key industry players.

Here at Bigfoot Digital, we understand that getting your business found online takes time, effort and a whole lot of resources, most of which you don’t have. That’s where we come in. We’ll contact collaborators, send out emails to publications and call those professionals we’re desperate to work with. Not only that, but we’ll also create SEO optimised, on-brand content for you, so you can be certain that we’re telling the right story, always.

A PR agency with a difference.

Simply put, our PR Newcastle services bring your brand to life. For PR Newcastle services that go above and beyond, our specialised, bespoke strategies are designed with your business in mind. We take the time to truly learn where your customers are, who you should be targeting and what PR channels are best for your individual product or service. Here’s why we’re the best PR Newcastle agency:

Strategy. We create realistic and achievable strategies that meet your every need.
Campaigns. Our industry-leading knowledge enables us to deliver complete campaigns, whether you’re looking for multi-channel marketing or a single sales promotion.
Digital. We provide, design and implement brilliant digital solutions through SEO, social media marketing and management, content creation, web design and email marketing.
Video. We develop videos that truly speak to your clients. So, whether you’re looking for an animated video, editing of an existing project or a short live-action film, our technical wizards can help.

So, if you’re looking for an agency who puts your needs first, why not partner with Bigfoot Digital? Our team of dedicated experts are our greatest asset, and we utilise the most passionate staff members with the most relevant experience for our campaigns. A dedicated team, we love who we work with, the clients we work for and the work that we do. To find out more about our PR services, or to see how we can help your business to grow, why not contact us today? Give us a call or send an email to to chat with a member of our team.