PR Manchester Services

PR Manchester Services

A Results-Focused PR Manchester Agency!

We combine digital PR, outreach and search engine optimisation to deliver a positive return for your business.

No matter what the business industry – or the size – capturing the attention of bloggers, online influencers and journalists has never been more sought after. What better way to get your brand noticed by potential customers than to connect with public figures who will do all the heavy lifting for you. As a professional PR Manchester agency, we have a list of connections who regularly promote our clients on their websites and social media channels. We have worked hard to develop professional relationships which benefit clients looking to reach new, prospective customers. From YouTube sensations to some of the best bloggers in the business – we’ve got you covered.

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What are the benefits of PR Manchester marketing?

SEO boost:

Publishing content on third party domains with a link back to your site will give you a significant boost in Google’s rankings. Providing you have considered the relevancy, authority and location of the domain, that is! We look to secure guest posts on sites that not only promote your products but position ahead of the competition in organic search results.

Reach more people:

Our PR Manchester services allow you to reach out to people who are interested in what you have to offer. While email marketing can help lure people into making a purchase, collaborating with influencers makes it easier to publish content from people who audiences trust. They have a pre-existing relationship with audiences who follow their channels and religiously read their blog. The chances of them clicking through to your site increases with every social media post and blog published. After all, if my favourite blogger loves the brand, I will too!

Personal touch:

When it comes to outreach marketing, building relationships with fellow industry professionals who share the same interests can help generate sales. Business collaboration is an excellent source of referral traffic that comes with a genuine recommendation. We work with many local business owners who refer clients to us, and we do the same in return. The key is to stop thinking of companies as the competition. When it comes to PR Manchester services, you are missing a trick if you disclude this as an option.

Why choose our PR Manchester agency?

There are so many PR agencies in Manchester – with so much choice, how do you choose the right one for your business? It’s a tough one, but the proof is most certainly in the pudding. If you’re looking for maximum brand exposure, give Bigfoot Digital a try. We are trusted by many big name brands across the country and don’t have contracts meaning you can leave at any time. Here’s what you can expect working with our PR Manchester agency:

Content creation:

Our PR Manchester campaigns start with a client discovery conversation to establish what products and/or services need to be promoted. From there, we’ll get started on creating content that captures the attention of prospective buyers. That covers everything from press releases, videos, infographics and articles published on authoritative sites.

Social media sharing:

We are sure you’ve heard all the social media lingo by now – and for good reason. Social media is an incredible platform which helps reach audiences across the globe in an instant. What’s better, there’s an opportunity to collaborate with influencers and communicate with their followers. Our ‘behind the scenes’ campaign planning identifies cross-channel collaboration opportunities to position your brand at the front and centre for the world to see.

Generating ROI:

Increasing brand exposure is a great opportunity to generate more traffic to your site. However, we understand all that exposure means nothing unless you are making money. Not only will our PR Manchester services have a direct impact on your SEO, but it will help convert more clicks into customers. We measure organic and referral traffic, along with online conversions, which give your business a boost.

Contact our PR Manchester agency for a significant sales boost!

Looking to take your company to the top of Google and generate more sales than you can handle? You’re in good company. Our PR Manchester services cover all bases from organic rankings to extended brand visibility that positions you as a market leader. We even cover website design and development to ensure when prospects enter your site they are encouraged to make a purchase. Get a free quote today for your Manchester business. Simply drop us an email at – we can’t wait to hear from you.