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PR Glasgow

Shout about your business with a targeted PR Glasgow campaign.

Our PR Glasgow strategies aim to take marketing back to basic human to human communication and present the information people require rather than marketing at them. Pushing information towards your customers may bring your brand to their attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

If you slip up with targeting, then it’s game over. Public relations works a little differently. It’s based around word-of-mouth recommendations that drive your business forward without the forced communications.

We develop a strategy that looks at newsworthy content that people can’t help but pick up. At Bigfoot Digital, we have built lasting connections with industry professionals, bloggers and journalists with influence who regularly share information about our clients on their websites and social media channels.

By providing value to publishers, your content will reach the right people with interest in your brand. Basically, prospective customers. Hit the ‘Quick Enquiry’ button for a free, no-obligation PR Glasgow quote today:

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Here are some core principles we follow when carrying out PR Glasgow campaigns for clients:

  • People prefer to hear recommendations from customers, not creators. Whether it’s a product you are launching or an event you are looking to promote – recommendations get results!
  • PR is all about reaching the right people at the right time. We have an extensive list of contacts in all manner of industry sectors, locations and occupations meaning we always find the best fit for your brand.
  • This type of marketing has a strong focus on relevancy and authority. Things like SEO, rank and social media presence are all considered when selecting prospects that will bring value to your business.

No matter what the nature of your PR Glasgow campaign, we’ll ensure you meet your KPI’s. An increase in links to your website, brand mentions and social media shares are all critical components of a successful campaign. Here are some of the PR Glasgow services we provide:

Blogger Outreach

Blogs play an important part in any strategy as sites with blogs are more likely to be indexed than those without. Search engines are looking for sites that provide value and are updated on a regular basis. Blogs ensure both of these boxes are ticked, without fail. We reach out to bloggers in many industries from fashion, beauty and lifestyle to business, technology and marketing. Providing them with well-written content that appeals to their readership is of the utmost importance. Without it, your campaign is a non-starter!

Extended reach:

Successful bloggers have large followings comprising of loyal readers who place their trust in them to deliver honest, impartial advice. Securing content on a recognised blog will help boost credibility in your brand. “If my favourite bloggers use this product, so should I.” From there, you can expect an uplift in organic and referral traffic entering your website.

A variety of links:

Links all pointing from similar sources can put a stopper in your PR Glasgow campaign. We understand that Google is looking for variety. A natural formation of links coming from a combination of online sources is going to give your rankings a real boost.

Powerful backlinks:

Ah, the pull of strong SEO links. We can not stress the importance of securing links on authoritative domains with local relevance to your business. For example, let’s say you’re a wedding photographer. You want to get the word out about your services. A blog featuring content about wedding planning is extremely relevant. Our job is to secure links from powerful domains that will boost your rankings in the SERPs.

Social media sharing:

Social media is a powerful space that enables you to connect instantly with audiences across the world. Organic reach for most companies is limited, and success takes time, but with the help of blogger outreach you can access greater sharability.

Public Relations

It’s essential that people can find information about your business online. When someone does a Google search for your business, what do they discover? Mentions from credible online publications offer your company instant trust. A prospective customer will see that you are appearing in the news for all the right reasons and is likely to remember your brand and may return to make a purchase. That’s exciting.

Our PR Glasgow service is designed to put your name in front of key decision makers with authority to publish and promote content. We have an in-house optimisation team who specialise in writing optimised content for the web. They cover many forms of online promotion, from press releases and guest posts to video content and interactive infographics. There’s no limit to the material we can produce. We’ll help you pinpoint the type of content that will bring in the most significant returns.

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Contact the best PR Glasgow agency!

Our online marketing agency employs experts in search engine optimisation and website design as well as PR. Keep in mind that you are sending referral traffic to your website. This is the first impression they will get of your business so make it count. It needs to be professional and succeed in converting clicks into customers. We design responsive websites that operate on desktops, tablets and mobiles, without error. Before starting your PR Glasgow campaign, first check that your site is adequate.

Find out how our PR Glasgow services can benefit your business – drop us a message at to speak to a member of our outreach marketing department. We can’t wait to help your business thrive online.

Our Happy Clients:

Pago Fruit Drinks

“We have used Bigfoot Digital for a number of years. They are simply the best digital marketing agency in the business. They have a clear understanding of technical SEO with great results and attention to detail. I have no hesitation recommending Bigfoot Digital for their exceptional social media marketing and SEO services.”

Marvin, Premium Fruit Beverages

“We have the single biggest regional social media presence for stop smoking services. That’s all thanks to the social media team at Bigfoot Digital. Our page growth has been impressive and we’re delighted with the results. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them and can’t wait to see how things progress.”

James, ,NHS Foundation Trust

“Having asked a number of companies to provide us with a brief of how they could help us with a bespoke digital strategy, Bigfoot Digital stood head and shoulders above their peers. Our online presence through Facebook / Twitter and SEO have continued to improve since we began working with them back in 2015. They provide an excellent service with professional support and advice as and when needed. I would highly recommend considering their service to anybody looking to increase online presence.”

David Truby, Greensleeves
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“Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to producing deliverable results making them an ideal digital partner. We have always been impressed with their personal service with bespoke solutions for our business. Honest, monthly reporting is included with development opportunities and positive results. Their social media marketing and website design services are exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone. Overall, an incredibly friendly team of experts who actually deliver on their promises.”

Heather Cooke, Taylor Studwelding

“The team at Bigfoot Digital are knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful.  From our initial consultation we knew we had the right company to help improve our internet presence. They have provided us with advice and support over the last year and we have seen a huge increase on our google listings. The Website Development team have gone above and beyond with technical support, which has been invaluable. We would not hesitate in recommending Bigfoot Digital.”

Suzanne Wilkinson, Churchfield Dental Centre