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PR Edinburgh

Gain Exposure to the right audiences with our high-quality PR Edinburgh services!

With our unique service, which combines digital PR, search engine optimisation, and blogger outreach, we can ensure both the increase of your online visibility and the promotion of your business to future clients by way of connecting with journalists and influencers.

Understanding the term Public Relations is all about understanding the need to connect with others and build positive relationships in order to increase the credibility of your website.

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PR Edinburgh Services

By having respected contacts who frequently recommend your business, you can help bring in more sales and get your brand name known without the need to throw your sales pitch around to everyone you meet.

Although the information you publish yourself about your business is important, as it shows you are reliable and encourages customers to choose you, it’s also important to realise that customers never want to feel too forced to make a purchase.

This is why our PR Edinburgh services are so successful; they make the customer believe they have discovered your business and chosen to make a purchase themselves.

So how exactly does it work?

Choosing who to contact

First things first, we need to contact the right people (those relevant to your industry niche!) who will achieve the best results for your business. Luckily our PR Edinburgh team already have excellent connections with popular bloggers, high-authority websites, and leaders in a range of industries. They all have a great social media following too. That’s brand awareness and SEO, combined!

Our PR Edinburgh service promises that guest posts about your business will be read by thousands of prospective customers when posted on these sites. Exciting stuff!

Getting Relevant Outreach Bloggers

Making sure they are relevant

Of course, we also have to make sure the sites we choose are relevant to your business. For example, if your business is about childcare, we won’t go posting content on a site all about gardening. It won’t be seen by your target audience and, quite frankly, will do nothing for your reputation.

Making sure everything is Google-Friendly

This is where our digital marketing expertise really comes in. Of course, when searching for prospects, we take into consideration factors like website traffic, social media following and readership.

The larger the social media following, the more likes and shares your guest post is likely to get, which will bring in more customers to your site.

We also check out the authority of the chosen websites. Using sites such as Mozbar and Ahrefs, we can research how credible they are and ensure they are ranked high enough by Google to benefit you.

Further benefits of being featured on a high-quality website are the great quality backlinks that come with it. In other words, links back to your website from a respected domain will increase the authority of your own website. Think of it this way; Google considers a link from a third party website as a recommendation.

SEO – of course, it’s got to come in somewhere. Luckily, we make sure all the content is SEO-friendly, which starts with keyword research on sites, such as Ahrefs.

Blogger Outreach

Why do we include blogger outreach in our Edinburgh PR service? Websites constantly updated with blogs and fresh, unique content are Google’s best friends and will be ranked high in the search results. The relevancy and authority coming from these sites will be transferred to you with every backlink you secure. It really is that simple.

As well as this, we will ensure that your business is being shared by the right influencers. We connect with bloggers in niche-specific sectors to promote your work. These include sectors, such as parenting, fitness, cuisine, home and beauty. Basically, whatever your business type, we have the contacts to promote your services!

PR Blogging

Using these, we can then share your content in the most creative ways possible. Have a business selling makeup? We’ll have it featured on blogs about beauty, weddings, fashion, skincare. We could even get it featured on blogs about Halloween costume inspiration to make sure we keep up with seasonal trends.

PR Business Outreach Services

PR Marketing

Operate in the B2B market? There’s an incredible benefit to outreach connections with open business communities and publications. It’s extremely important to be acknowledged by the business world, as this will increase the credibility and trust of your company.

Our content marketing team, who are experts in copy-writing for many types of publications, will ensure to get you mentioned in business related posts, such as guest posts, press releases, video content and infographics.

So why choose us?

We’re experts in our field

We’re a multi-service digital marketing agency specialising in SEO, web development, content writing, social media and PR marketing. This means we can utilise our expertise from each sector to create the best PR Edinburgh services.

We’re creative

Our team come from a variety of backgrounds essential to creative marketing, such as English, Journalism and Graphic Design. This allows us to have the skills to write creatively in a specific tone and for a purpose, whilst selecting the most interesting and top-quality images and designs to draw your readers in.

We’re personable

We always recommend a face-to-face meeting so we can get to know you and tailor our PR Edinburgh strategy to you. We’re unique from other marketing agencies who have a set strategy for every client. By finding out what you aim to achieve from your campaign, as well as finding out how your business works, we can apply this information to our PR campaigns for maximum results.

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