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PR Birmingham

Our PR Birmingham services ensure you grab the results you need through a high-quality strategy. 

A well-planned campaign is the key to success. For your PR Birmingham strategy to work, you need to have the right balance of the essential factors. You need a plan of action, one that includes building strong relationships with others and the creation and distribution of high-quality, creative content. Without it, you’ll not give your business and brand the credibility it needs. In fact, the effects will be quite the opposite.

Putting your brand information in front of your customers in the right way can have a multitude of benefits. Not only will it give a potential customer that extra push needed to find out more information about you, but it can also be that final deciding factor on whether or not someone makes a purchase from you. With this in mind, the information you put out there about yourself needs to be encouraging and make others realise how much of a reliable business you are.

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It doesn’t matter if your website design is spot on, or whether you have the best social media strategy around; if you’re not getting noticed through an effective PR strategy, you’re going to find marketing your business much more tricky. Need to ask a quick question? Click the button below.

Blogger outreach.

A big part of our PR Birmingham services includes outreach. As you may already be aware, a site with a blog has a higher chance of being indexed than one that doesn’t. Google likes a website to be updated regularly with fresh new content for it to be deemed trusted and credible, so having a blog is a great way to do this. How can outreach help your PR campaign?

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Grow your backlink profile.

You knew SEO was about to crop up at some point, right? Securing links on high authority sites really helps you to build up a respectable backlink profile. The better your backlinks, the more Google will see the importance of your site, giving it a boost in ranking.

Pitch to the right people.

If the sites hosting your content aren’t relevant to your industry whatsoever, this can have a significantly negative effect on your site. It’s also important to reach out to powerful domains. In doing so, some of their power will be given to your site too!

Social sharing.

So, you’ve narrowed down your prospects, contacted them with a pitch and grabbed a link on a great quality site. Now what? There’s much more you can do with that link. Not only can you add it to your list of backlinks, but by sharing it on your social channels, you’re giving the content, and your business, much more exposure to your target audience. In some instances, the site you’ve chosen to host your content may share your article with their audience, ensuring it’s seen by yet more relevant people.

Public relations.

If a credible publication mentions your business in an article, or if you’re mentioned in a top ten list of businesses in your industry, you’re automatically given that badge of trust. Our content marketing team are experts in writing copy for a whole host of publications, from guest posts and press releases to video content and infographics.

What can you expect?

We follow the best practices when it comes to our PR Birmingham services, and you can always expect quality work from us. We treat each campaign with care, as if we were working on our own! What can you expect from our work?

  • A potential customer doesn’t want to hear sales pitch after sales pitch. They prefer to hear recommendations from other people like themselves, which is exactly what our PR Birmingham campaigns aim to do!
  • Over the years, we’ve gathered a quality list of contacts and know exactly where to look to find more. We’ll only contact the most relevant places for your business, so everything is entirely bespoke to you.
  • We consider SEO and search engine ranking throughout our entire PR campaigns. If a site doesn’t meet our high standards and requirements, we simply won’t use them.

So, why do you need our PR Birmingham services?

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We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, who specialise in search engine optimisation, website development and, of course, expert PR marketing. How can our PR Birmingham services provide a positive outcome for your business?

We’re knowledgeable.

We know our stuff. In fact, we have a whole team who specialise in PR and outreach! When promoting a brand or an idea for a new campaign, it’s important to be able to come up with unique ideas, ones that stand out from the rest, and cleverly but naturally promote an idea. We’ve worked with brands big and small, creating impressive campaigns that work in a number of sectors, from health and beauty to fashion and construction. Whatever your industry, we can deliver.

We listen to your needs.

For our PR Birmingham campaigns to work, it’s essential for us to listen to who you are, and what your business provides. We’re not the same as every other agency out there who give you a set campaign structure. We tailor each individual strategy to our clients, ensuring you get the absolute best from us. We’ll find out how your business works and what you aim to achieve, and promote this information to the best of our ability in each PR campaign.

We’re creative content writers.

Our in-house content writers are incredibly skilled in writing the greatest copy. As well as marketing, our team have backgrounds in English and Journalism, so we know a thing or two about writing for specific purposes. As well as writing great content, we can create the best graphics, images and video to really get your messages across to the right audience.

Ask about our PR Birmingham services today!

If you’re feeling a little curious about what our PR services can offer you and your business, now is the time to get in touch with our expert digital marketing agency. For more information about any of our services, or if you wish to make an enquiry, contact our team today by calling us or dropping an email to