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A team of leading PPC consultancy experts.

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What You Can Expect

Are you a business owner or marketing manager that wants to get the biggest return from their PPC campaigns? Do you struggle with creating captivating content and increasing conversions?

The great thing about PPC is that when done right, it can explode your ROI. But if you do it wrong, it can be extremely costly. Hiring a  PPC consultant will help you master the art of paid search.

Our professional PPC consultants will work with you to set up, optimise and run campaigns that bring new customers your way. PPC is a great way to turn on instant traffic at the click of a button. If you are looking for an automated sales solution, then speak to a PPC consultant today.

Do I Need PPC Consultancy?

Perhaps you want to remain in control of your PPC campaigns but would like a little on-to-one consulting to maximise your profits. With our PPC consultant service, we put you in the driving seat with tutorials, training and resources to help you set up and manage campaigns that succeed. Our clients learn so much from our consultants and come away with a ton of ideas and a genuinely strong ROI.

PPC consultancy is ideal if you want to be the one pushing the buttons but need to know which buttons to press.

Google AdWords Consultant

There are many forms of paid advertising. One of the most common is Google AdWords. With billions of searches every day on Google, you can use search ads to position your business ahead of the organic search results. Pretty neat!

Google AdWords is an effective option for your business if you have search terms that people are using. If you want to run a PPC campaign, your budget will be determined by your audience, competition and the types of products/services you wish to promote. A Google AdWords Consultant will help you set up a campaign that generates clicks from potential customers.

Google AdWords Consultant looking at results on a tablet.

Social Media Ads

The second method of paid advertising is social media. We have social media consultants who are skilled in running campaigns that reach and convert prospective customers. Whether your audience is most active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, our consultants have the experience to run campaigns across all platforms.

Social media ads work best for businesses with an active social media presence who are looking to reach new customers and grow their follower count. You will be assigned a PPC consultant who will step you through the process of setting up and managing an ad in line with your budget.

The PPC Consultant Process

So, you have clicked on this page looking for PPC support. You may have a PPC campaign running that is not delivering an ROI. Or perhaps, you are yet to set up a campaign and require a few pointers. Either way, our PPC consultant team are more than equipped to assist.

Here is our PPC consultant process in full:


If the word audit makes you shudder, fear not. This is how we present to you our accountability. The reports sent will show you where your PPC campaigns are delivering and the areas in need of improvement. Audits help you understand the areas that will be covered in the consultancy. This step is only essential if you have an existing PPC campaign.


Every successful PPC campaign starts with research. It’s not as simple as throwing a dart and hitting the bullseye every time. Your campaign needs direction in the first place to generate a return. Your PPC consultant will help you select the right keywords and analyse competitors to ensure you are getting the most from your budget.


There’s nothing worse than reaching the end of your allocated budget and having nothing to show for it. The more money you make, the more you have to reinvest into marketing. We prefer to work with clients to maximise their budget. When you recieve more than your budget, you experience an ROI and it increases your business’s cash flow.


Nothing increases conversions like testing the success of your campaigns. We’ll look at how people interact with your landing page, which includes where they click, time on page and sales. This will help us make informed decisions about how to improve the conversion rate of your pages.


We’ll step you through the process of setting up an ad using either social media or Google Ads. You should familiarise yourself with the interface and get used to logging on regularly to check the progress of your campaign. This is essential if you hope to make money through paid advertising.

Idea Generation:

One way to ensure that your campaigns are delivering long after working with us is data collection. Your PPC consultant will create reports that pinpoint the areas of success and where you can refine the process. There is always room for improvement and this will allow you to move forward with confidence.

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PPC Consultant

We have a number of marketing consultant packages for you to choose from, including SEO and Social Media, as well as PPC. There is no limit to the support we can offer your business. With a consultant in all areas of marketing, there is an option to apply multiple marketing methods to grow your business.

To contact a PPC consultant, hit the big green button. For any of our other marketing services, browse our menu options for more information.