PowToon Your Marketing Efforts

You know that feeling you get when you discover a great band, and they’re still relatively small, but you just know they’re going to make it big some day. And then they do hit the big time, and you can’t help but remind everyone that you found them first! That is exactly the feeling I have about this next start-up. Mark my words, they will be huge.

PowToon is a very powerful piece of kit that will revolutionise video marketing for small businesses, and will likely be a thorn in the side of animators. The website, which is currently in private beta, allows users to create unlimited animation shorts or presentation style videos using a variety of amazing templates. Check out this sample video below:

PowToon allows users to create impressive and professional presentations in a style that is very “current” with content marketing trends. The animation are fun and engaging, and more importantly they’re unbelievable simple to create.

As Internet speeds increase and users begin to access online content on a variety of devices – from TVs and PCs to mobiles and tablets – the demand for online video is on the rise. Just look at the success of video platforms such as Ooyala, which has gained over $97 million in funding.

How to Supersize your Content Marketing with Video

  • Using video allows you to express complex ideas in a simple way. You can also convey a lot more information in a way which is more engaging than a block of text.
  • Make your content readily sharable. With PowToon your videos can easily be shared on  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or downloaded in HD to embed on your website.
  • Not all of your videos have to inform, some can entertain, like this on from Freemake.

  • Keep your branding cohesive, and include a call to action. If you upload your video to YouTube you can add a link to your website over the video.
  • And finally, have some fun! Content marketing is all about engaging with your audience. It’s the end of shouty marketing techniques, and the dawn of one-on-one conversations with your target customer.

Note: If, like me, your maximum screen resolution is 1024 x 768 then you’ll have to wait a while before you can access the full PowToon features, as it’s currently set up for a minimum size of 1280X 768. The lovely folks over at PowToon have assured me that they’re working on making the platform available to all screen resolutions.