10 Powerful Marketing Words and Phrases That Sell Products Online.

Powerful Marketing Words That Sell Online…

Words hold the power to sell. Have you ever read a landing page online that has undoubtedly persuaded you to purchase? That’s the type of content you should take note of when writing for your business. As marketers, we are looking for content that prompts readers to go that one step further, click the call to action and convert into paying customers.

So, the question remains, what is that content?

To get you started here are 10 powerful marketing words that are proven to increase conversions online:

1) Free

Don’t underestimate the power of a free purchase!

2) Their Name

Just like ‘you’, a potential customer is more likely to convert if they feel a product or service is personalised just for them. People also often pay attention when their name is sprinkled across the page. Try this in your email marketing campaigns and see for yourself the difference it makes.

3) You

Selling is all about prospects and not about your business. Think about how the reader will feel when listening all about your story and not accounting for their needs and wants. A strong mix between promotional materials and targeted consumer content is the best way to generate interest.

4) Opportunity

Using the word ‘opportunity’ will strike a chord with any reader. It has positive connotations of success and power. Is this going to be something of interest that will benefit me personally? – if you don’t click, you’ll never know!

5) Shock Words

These make for exceptionally good subject lines in emails. Of the hundreds of emails sat in your inbox, what makes you click to open? That’s what you need to be thinking when writing your content. If the subject line ‘Bad News’ lands in your inbox, you will be shocked into opening. Follow this up with ‘If you don’t buy our ____ it will spell ‘bad news’ for your business.’ See what we did there?

6) Imagine

The word ‘imagine’ can be a great sales tool. Forcing your readers to imagine how your product or service will benefit them is far more effective than a strict sales line. And now your vision isn’t just in your mind; it’s a shared vision.

7) Power Words

The English language is filled with words that evoke strong feelings of power, skill and accomplishment. Good content marketing will make use of these words at all the right times. Skyrocket, eye-opening, amazing, breathtaking are all words that you can use to communicate with your readers.

8) No Obligation

No one wants to be tied into something they are yet to experience. Give your readers the opportunity to try before they buy so they can see for themselves how great your products or services are. Bigfoot Digital for example offer no obligation proposals and a free SEO audit tool exclusive to all businesses.

9) Guaranteed and Proven

These words are packed with meaning. Using ‘Guaranteed’ and ‘Proven’ in your content will fill your readers with confidence that any purchase will be a smart, reliable and wise one (some extra words for you there). This is a fool proof way to increase conversions and trust online.

10) Need

You simply ‘need’ this product or service in your life. This adds a sense of urgency to a product launch that will register with your readers. Don’t miss out, you need this product if you ____. These kinds of targeted posts make great Facebook ads that can be used to encourage clicks and conversions.

We have a whole bank of powerful marketing words that we use daily. If you are looking for some help with your content marketing efforts, then contact us for the best advice when it comes to converting clicks to customers.