Power Up Your Email Marketing by Improving Your Click Through Rate

Image courtesy of Master isolated images/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

One of the constant challenges of email marketing is achieving a high enough click through rate so that your emails are successful. If you are selling products, promoting an event, or driving traffic to your blog, you need people to click on the links you include in your emails. But, this is easier said than done.

There are so many factors, including what your business goals are, who your market is, and what kind of brand you have that go into finding the perfect combinations that entices your readers to click the links you send them. Lots of experimentation goes into this process, but, if you are just getting started or need a few pointers, here are some tips for increasing your click through rate.

Start with the Subject Line and Conduct Tests

You probably already know that your subject lines are the key to getting people to open your emails. If the subjects are boring, spammy, irrelevant or too general, people won’t even open your messages, let alone click on the enclosed links. Get creative with subject lines by making them interesting and using them to communicate a benefit to the reader.

Even though you may think your subject line is great, your market may not agree with you. It is impossible to know what your market prefers unless you do some research. Running some A/B tests and tracking which kinds of subject lines are more successful can help you figure out what spurs your market to open your emails.

Not all Lists are the Same

A major part of marketing is targeting the right audience in the right way. This holds true for email marketing too. Don’t send the same message to all of your markets and don’t assume that what appeals to one type of customer will appeal to another. The most successful email marketers segment their lists so that they can craft personalized emails to each specific market and audience, improving click through rates.

Don’t Give it all Away

If your emails give everything away, your readers won’t have a reason to click on the links. Include just enough information in your emails to spark interest and to make your readers feel like they want to click the link for the rest of the story. Emails that explain everything and offer the full benefit within the message are often skimmed and then deleted by readers, which doesn’t help you reach your goals.

Keep it Simple and Don’t Distract

Emails that are too full of copy, buttons and images are distracting to the point that readers aren’t sure what to do. Increase your click through rate by making it very clear what readers should do and where they should click for more information. You can use simple copy and design elements to make it obvious that people should click on the link you include.

The first step to successful email marketing is getting your readers to open your emails. The next step is improving your click through rate so your emails will benefit your bottom line. If your email campaign could use a little help, try some of these tips with your next email.