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Project Description

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The Challenge

Sheffield Student Properties have offered the best student accommodation in their area for over 40 years. They have an online presence. We manage their SEO and social media marketing with great success. So, what was the problem? Despite regular website visitors and increased brand awareness, their restrictive website was damaging user experience. With an outdated interface and limited capabilities, they were in desperate need of a responsive website.

The Solution:

We have already built a great relationship with Sheffield Student Properties having achieved position one rankings for their business. The decision of a new webiste was proposed following the results of our technical SEO audit. We identified some clear improvements that would help increase search visibility.

The main change would be the opportunity to include optimised meta content across the website. This was not possible with the original website. Optimised meta content is so important as Google likes to see relevant keywords across your website in the meta titles, introductions, URL and body copy. This shows search engines what you’re ALL about.

We decided to include 360 videos of the properties and multiple images of the available rooms. Our talented photographer visited the location to capture every room with great results. Once live on the website, interactive maps, features and a description was added.

Simply put – we enhanced the overall user experience when searching for properties online. We made it easier to navigate the website and find your perfect property, which has decreased bounce rate significantly. We are still in the first months of publication but expect to see great results going forwards – we’ll keep you posted!

The Results:

The end result is noticeably more streamlined and professional. Previous images of Sheffield were replaced with luxury properties making the website instantly more appealing. We added a chat feature allowing students to ask questions followed by an instant response. This gives SSP the opportunity to capture contact details for any future marketing if needed.

student properties website

Sheffield Student Properties Website: April 23rd 2015

responsive website design

Sheffield student properties website: November 9th 2017

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