Bespoke WordPress Website For SEP Events!

Project Description

The Client:

SEP Events are event traffic specialists who operate at some of the UK’s most prestigious events, such as music festivals, country fairs and horse racing.

SEP Events approached Bigfoot Digital to help them improve their social media presence back in January 2019. Working on their social media accounts and directing users to their website, our specialists soon identified an opportunity for a redesign. If you are looking for ways to modernise your site with a bespoke design that sets you apart from the competition, this is how we can help you.

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The Challenge:

SEP Events are a national events business and were battling with an off-the-shelf theme that lacked visual appeal. It was dated and not designed to appeal to a tech-savvy, socially-conscious and entrepreneurial millennial audience. Millennials have grown up in the age of the digital revolution; they have seen technology grow and shift and have learned to embrace change. They expect websites to be responsive and to load in seconds for on-the-go browsing.

The primary goal for them was to develop their own bespoke WordPress theme and custom administration sections that allowed for quick edits to be made to the site. The bespoke theme will enable them to manage and filter job applications – reducing the time frame and associated costs.

Website Design:

Operating on a static, slow website, SEP Events were keen to update their online identity with a bright, clean and modern online presence that was more in keeping with their client’s expectations.

We know that millennials like to see themselves in the media they consume. This is no different when it comes to a website. Instead of the previous image of moving cars that consumed the entire homepage, their new site uses a scrolling banner with images of millennials at recognised festivals to encourage sign-ups.

This modern design also features call-to-actions (Headings, Images and Buttons) above the fold of the page, meaning that important content is seen the moment someone lands on the site. Millennials expect this level of care and attention to detail. Fail to live up to these expectations, and you will fall short of the competition.



Site Speed Improvements:

Companies targeting millennials will do themselves a big favour by making their website as accessible as possible. Aside from helping Google’s bots find, crawl and index your content, it satisfies the dwindling attention spans of millenials. SEP Events did have a mobile responsive website. However, it was painfully slow. Their website loaded in 2.50 seconds, which is considered ‘Poor.’

We took great care to optimise all image files when designing their new website. Without correct optimisation, image and video files can take up a lot of space on your website and cause it to run slowly. Our developers re-sized and compressed all their images to ensure their website load time improved. Their website performance is now considered ‘Good,’ and will please both Google and visitors.

Conversion Optimisation:

When you give the visitor an easy in-store experience by making the enquiry process simple, giving assistance when required, and personalising the service, people are more likely to convert. Unfortunately, SEP Events didn’t deliver a smooth job application process on their website. Our challenge was to optimise the application form to increase sign-ups and better the user experience.

Previously, the form used to display all available jobs had limited functionality. It didn’t have any filter options, which required the user to scroll through thousands of jobs to find one in their area that appealed to them. This tedious process resulted in many users leaving the website at this point.

The screenshot above shows the new and improved job application form, which now includes options to filter data. The user can select a preferred date, event and location. There is the option to search for results, as well as load more results.

Community Forum:

One addition that will keep people coming back and engaging with your website is a discussion forum. This was set up for SEP Events to allow staff to converse with one another once they have signed up. They will be granted exclusive access to upload content and converse with other members of staff working at the same event.

For millenials, who are used to instant communication via social media, this is a smart addition that will certainly help boost visitor retention and fill the site with fresh content. Google loves fresh and unique content, so this is one way to populate your site without having to make any optimisation changes.

The Here & Now:

Their new and improved website is live, so the company has turned its attention to optimisation. In order to be found in the Google search results, the site requires an SEO strategy. The company will provide us with content to populate the website, and we’ll, of course, offer recommendations to ensure that content is optimised to rank highly for competitive terms.

The support we offer our clients continues long after a website is live. Our job is to provide you with the best platform to promote your business for long-term success. If we can give you a few pointers along the way to attract new visitors, then we’ll be sure to do so.

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