Ecommerce Site Redesign For Local Driving School!

Project Description

The Client:

Local Driving School (LDS) offer a range of driving training to learners and those aiming to become instructors across Yorkshire. They offer both lessons and intensive training programmes to allow individuals to learn at their own pace and in accordance with their own budget.

We began working with this client on their SEO. They wanted to improve their rankings, grow a strong online presence and, ultimately, bring in more business. Bigfoot Digital didn’t disappoint. LDS now rank at position 1 for a range of their target keywords, such as ‘Driving Lessons Sheffield’, ‘Driving Lessons Doncaster’, and many more. Since Bigfoot began implementing LDS’s bespoke SEO strategy, their conversions have gone through the roof. So much so, they have had to acquire a second domain to handle their enquiries.

We didn’t stop at SEO though. We knew that their site was holding them back. It didn’t allow room for extensive optimisation and therefore limited their online success. Bigfoot Digital’s design and web teams redesigned the site with SEO in mind, whilst also incorporating a range of new and improved features, to optimise the site for ultimate online success.

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The Challenge:

Local Driving School’s original site was holding them back. Our SEO teams have tons of tricks and tried-and-tested techniques up their sleeve, but without a modernised site, results are limited. We found that there were recurring issues with the site’s content being indexed by search engines, meaning they were missing out on potential ranking opportunities.

What’s more, their site was outdated. Elements needed improving and adding to ensure LDS were a strong competitor and online presence in their industry.

Website Design:

We improved the overall look and feel of their site, without compromising on any on-site factors, such as site speed and performance. LDS wanted their site to stand out from the crowd and our team didn’t disappoint. We used the popular platform WordPress to create a site that was completely bespoke, whilst still being simple for the client to manage with the user-friendly interface.

Generally, the site was modernised and brought up to date in terms of its appearance. As we all know though, looks aren’t everything. An effective online booking system, online store, and nifty driving school search tool were therefore added, to make sure the site offered an impressive user experience and didn’t just look the part.



Responsive Design:

As you can see below, LDS’s previous site did respond to mobile browsing, just not very well. The new site looks modern, clean, and doesn’t leave room for any confusion about where site visitors should be clicking or how to get in touch.

Our designers and developers always prioritise making sure that all our sites look and perform just as effectively on small screens as desktop. Most people do their browsing on mobile these days, so don’t let your site let you down in this respect. If you need support with a complete site redesign or just want to make sure your current site adapts to mobile, our team is happy to help.

Advanced Site Features:

Online booking form:

LDS wanted to offer their customers and potential leads the option to book their courses and lessons solely online. An advanced feature such as this is not within the remit of WordPress, hence our team incorporated other pieces of software and plugins into the site, to provide LDS with just what they needed.

The team took on the challenge and created a completely bespoke booking form. The new advanced element allowed customers to carry out the entire booking process of lessons, intensive courses, and training courses, effectively and efficiently, without leads even having to pick up the phone.

Online shop:

LDS previously had an online shop, which allowed visitors to purchase lessons, resources, vouchers, and more, directly from their site. We made sure to keep the online shop, with it being a highly valuable component of the site.

We did, however, make some improvements by integrating the WooCommerce extension for WordPress to ensure the buying process functioned smoothly. WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform which allows businesses to easily monitor their products, sales, and customise the look and feel of their online shop to suit their brand perfectly.

Plugins for easy management:

LDS are constantly growing (we’ll take some of the responsibility for that). With the increasing number of driving schools opened and range of courses available, they needed a way to easily manage these via their website. We installed a Plugin to support the company in monitoring their schools and increasing range of services.

Postcode search:

As this client has grown, they have opened their services up to a wider range of areas. They needed an advanced feature on the site that allowed potential leads to locate their nearest driving school.

Bigfoot’s web experts used a third-party Application Programming Interface (API) to allow visitors to enter their town/postcode and identify the location closest to them. The interface validates and checks postcodes as they are entered based on the distance and radius from the various LDS locations. Again, this means potential customers can check which instructor/school is closest to them, without having to get in touch with the company – saving time and resources.

Content migration:

Although the old LDS site wasn’t up to scratch, we didn’t want to lose any of their content in the redesign as this can severely impact existing rankings.

So, our team skipped no corners in migrating all content from the old site to the new. A grand total of thirty blog posts were uploaded to the new site, to make sure Google still recognises the site as a valuable and consistent source of relevant information.

Ongoing SEO:

The LDS website build came with complete SEO-optimisation.

Our SEO team took over from there, conducting extensive keyword research and identifying a number of potentially powerful pages that were missing from the original site. Bigfoot’s content genius’ then produced compelling content designed to rank at the top of the SERPs for some valuable search terms.

On top of the creation of new pages, Bigfoot optimised all existing content with the aim to boost the site even higher up the search results. LDS are an ongoing SEO client of ours, so we cannot wait to see how much further we can take their online presence.
The power of a bespoke, optimised and highly-advanced site, coupled with an ongoing Bigfoot SEO strategy, will make LDS unstoppable online.

Project Details