Position #1 Rankings For Greensleeves!

Project Description

The Client:

Greensleeves is one of the oldest UK’s established lawn care treatment providers, treating British lawns since 1998. Greensleeves offers a competitively-priced, specialist lawn care service to people in all areas of the country. With an impressive network of over 90 franchises across the UK, they are renowned for their quality lawncare treatments and attention to detail.

Greensleeves has established a great working relationship with our digital marketing team over the years. Greensleeves first approached Bigfoot Digital to help them increase their social media following in March 2014. Fast forward to the present day, and Bigfoot Digital now manage their social media, SEO and email marketing. The next logical step was to build an entirely bespoke website that allowed the company to improve their traffic and the quality of their enquiries.

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The Challenge:

Their previous website was not built with SEO in mind. It was a static build with severe coding limitations and restrictions that resulted in a lack of essential technical SEO work. The primary goal was to build a bespoke website using a WordPress theme that allowed the company to make technical edits with ease.

WordPress, but not as you know it…

Bigfoot Digital design and build tailor-made WordPress websites. There is a distinct difference between ‘customised’ websites and bespoke ones. Far too many people are sold a ‘bespoke’ website only to find out they have an off-the-shelf theme. The benefit of a genuinely bespoke WordPress site is a flexible open-source platform that is unique to your business. You will not find another site like yours. If you are looking for a bespoke website that is easy to manage, then keep reading.

Website Design:



The Greensleeves website has an interactive map feature that allows visitors to find their local franchise. It gives people the option to find their nearest lawn care expert by entering their postcode or clicking on the interactive map. They are then presented with a page optimised for that location with booking forms and further information.

Our challenge was to design a custom plugin that would allow Greensleeves to manage a grand total of 90 franchise pages in one central location. The client can now make quick edits to the locations associated with each page without having to visit each individual page. Having a streamlined process, with the support of a plugin, has helped to free up staff time and resources.

Website Design:

The addition of mobile optimisation has opened up opportunities for the client to generate more enquiries. There is a significant difference between the placement of call-to-actions on a mobile device and a desktop. Their original site lacked CTA placement on mobile devices. Considering a whopping 40% of their overall traffic comes from a mobile device, this was a major setback.

We added CTA placement in the menu dropdown to encourage more people to get in touch on browsing the site. The previous menu options covered up all their contact details and social media links. There was no option to ‘Request A Quote.’

SEO Built In:

Greensleeves started their SEO campaign with us back in January 2017. The goal was to develop a secondary revenue stream that would bring in more enquiries from people searching Google.

Their SEO strategy has been to improve their position in the search results for highly competitive keywords, such as ‘Lawn Care Services’ and ‘Lawn Treatment.’ The screenshot above shows their current rankings. As you can see, 52 of their target keywords are found at the top of Google with 31 coming in the top 3!

SEO was a huge part of the website design process. We wanted to build on the progress of their SEO campaign; all content was migrated across from their original site to ensure rankings were not compromised. We even restructured their blogs to fit with the bespoke WordPress theme. Keeping things simple and structured helps Google’s bots find, crawl and rank important content.

The Here & Now:

Greensleeves rank at the top of Google for brand terms with some more competitive terms also hitting the top spots. We are now looking to power up their location/ franchise pages with relevant backlinks and PR mentions that will give them authority in the eyes of Google. We’ll continue to monitor the above updates to ensure they work to improve conversion rates.

“They provide an excellent service with professional support and advice as and when needed. I would highly recommend considering their service to anybody looking to increase online presence.”

David Truby, Greensleeves

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