New Business Bespoke Website For Go Instruct!

Project Description

The Client:

Go Instruct provides individuals across the UK with professional and top-quality driving instructor training. They offer an extensive programme to take their clients through the three-step process of becoming a fully qualified instructor. All their trainers are Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Ordit accredited and they offer a range of options to adapt to the budgets, timeframes, and skill levels of their clients.

This client came to us with no existing online presence or reputation to build on. So, our team accepted the challenge and started from scratch to create a bespoke, brand-new site that represented their brand down to the ground. If your business is completely new to the online world or you know your current site is letting you down, keep reading to see how we could help you.

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The Challenge:

Go Instruct needed a professional yet inviting website design. Their training programme offers a range of online resources and materials in the form of videos and content for their customers to benefit from. The team therefore also required a reliable site that would allow customers to easily track their progress online.

Our highly skilled and experienced Website Developers always know the perfect solution for any client that approaches us in need of a new or updated site. Their websites are always completely tailored to the requirements of each individual business, in terms of their current online presence, audience, goals, and more.

What’s more, our developers have a deep understanding of how SEO works. All our clients benefit from bespoke site’s that are designed with SEO in mind and optimised to rank at the top of the SERPs.

Website Design:

Our executive designers and developers worked closely together to meet the brief and create a site with consistent branding throughout and a completely smooth user experience. A clear navigation menu and CTA’s were incorporated to allow for easy access to all the information potential leads may need about the service.

Design Elements

Our team used the popular website design software WordPress to build a site that is utterly unique, whilst still being easy to navigate and update. We understand that not everyone will find it easy to use the backend of a website, after all, not everyone can be tech wizzes! Using software like WordPress means we can offer our clients simple backend functionality, whilst still having a site that looks the part and stands out from the crowd.

The Bigfoot web team made sure that the new site suited all of Go Instruct’s requirements, one of these being the monitoring of their customers’ progress with the course materials. A plugin called LearnDash was installed on the site to allow learners to track their progress throughout their training programme. As a customer advances through the visual and written resources on the site, the plugin updates their status in the programme accordingly.

Competition Analysis:

When working with a new client for SEO, Website Design, or any of our online services, we start off by conducting extensive competitor research before creating any form of strategy. This allows us to make sure our clients are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to website design and user experience in their specific industry.

Let’s take a look at how the new Go Instruct site compares to the competition…

The example shows a company who offer a similar service to our client. They rank on the first page of the SERPs for the search term ‘driving instructor training’, but their site lets them down.

It is outdated and cluttered, with an overly complex navigation menu. Even worse, the site isn’t mobile responsive. The text and CTA’s are cut off on smaller screens, making the site completely unusable. The majority of browsing is done on mobile devices these days, yet this site’s usability on a mobile device is non-existent.

As you can see, the new Go Instruct site is completely mobile responsive. It makes a statement and functions just as effectively on all screen sizes. All the sites that the Bigfoot web team develop are responsive and offer an exceptional user experience on all device types. If you know that your site doesn’t perform effectively on mobile, let us help – you will, no doubt, notice a huge boost in rankings and conversions.

SEO Ready:

Bigfoot’s web team design all their sites with SEO in mind. They understand what Google is looking for when it comes to technical and on-site SEO, so their designs consistently allow plenty of room for complete optimisation. Once site’s are live, our aim is for all clients to rank quickly, but for all the right reasons. Bigfoot’s web builds therefore take time and dedication to provide our spectacular end results.

The new Go Instruct site is SEO-ready. Although it has not yet been optimised to rank, our web team designed the site to be fully optimisable, in terms of both on-site and off-site elements. So far, the client has produced their own compelling content for the site. Once their copy has been optimised effectively and there are some high-power links pointing to the site, Go Instruct will be ranking above their competitors and raking in leads in no time.

Site Management Training

Go Instruct’s content team have produced their own compelling content for the site. Our web team therefore provided detailed and valuable training to allow the Go Instruct team to upload and edit their site’s content freely, without needing professional support at every stage.

The decision to build the site using WordPress was also a significant factor, as the backend interface is easy to manage and customise. This is by no means reflected in the site’s appearance or user experience though, which are still completely bespoke and unique to the brand.

The Here And Now

Whilst the Bigfoot web design team have created a site that is highly impressive, both visually and functionally, the work doesn’t stop there to build a strong online presence.

Go Instruct will need an extensive SEO strategy to optimise their on-site content, build a strong backlink profile, and much more. Despite this, having an exceptional site that is a joy to use is always the place to start.

Project Details