+462% Organic Traffic Growth For Family Butchers!

Project Description

The Client:

We partnered with a family butcher based in Yorkshire. They aim to deliver the best quality service and attention to detail. Due to selling online, they are able to offer the bespoke, local service but deliver it nationwide.

The businesses identity will be protected in this case study, as we are sharing personal data from their Google Analytics account and Facebook. Understandably, the client wants to keep that side of their business private.

We are proud to offer this business on-going digital support, covering a whole range of digital channels from social media, website design and SEO.

They are a client that continues to express their gratitude to our digital marketing team who work in synergy with our developers to boost their rankings and drive high-converting traffic to their website.

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The Challenge:

The main issue with their existing site was that is wasn’t user-friendly. Customers struggled to find the products they required as the search bar didn’t return accurate results. It was incredibly frustrating and led to a high bounce rate.

On first entering their website, our digital marketing team struggled to locate items for promotional purposes. We found it cluttered and complicated to navigate. Imagine the frustration of customers looking to purchase. That’s not to mention Google’s bots, who routinely crawl thousands of pages of content and place them in the search results. It’s not great for user experience or SEO!

The second problem directly linked to poor navigation was the lack of responsive design. People browsing on their mobiles had to pinch and squeeze their screens to locate content. This ineffective design, coupled with the struggle to locate items, resulted in poor engagement, a lack of sales and returning visitors.

Our Work:

Our web development team set to work mapping out the user journey with the client. They accounted for every possible interaction with the site from their first click through to a conversion.

The result was a noticeably stream-lined design that looked up to date. The checkout process was made simple with clickable buttons, including ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Offers’ appearing on the homepage. We added promotional deals above the fold, reminding people of what is on offer and in their basket to decrease the abandonment rate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We added personality to the site with the addition of a blog and news section. This allowed people to read about company news, including the latest offers and new products. Google also favours websites that update their content on a regular basis, so having a blog proved a great way to boost their rankings.

The original site ranked for competitive terms which blipped on and off the first page. For anyone looking to attract visitors to their site, this is incredibly frustrating. 75% of people never scroll past the first page of Google.

Our goal was to stabilise those rankings. As the campaign progressed, we not only maintained page one rankings, but also progressed them to position one. Since the start of their SEO campaign, organic traffic has increased by 462%!

The Here & Now:

This dynamic marketing strategy led to a significant uplift in overall traffic growth. The results have been predominantly driven by SEO marketing alongside their organic Facebook campaign with an overall monthly marketing budget of approximately £1000 per month. The results we have achieved are as follows:

Overall traffic growth trend since late 2016 onwards:

Below is the last 12 months website traffic versus the previous 12 months:

In April 2019 vs the same month last year:

These high traffic figures have led to an impressive ROI. It’s really no surprise that the client’s business continues to thrive online with increased revenue and loyal customers returning to purchase.

The Results:

+462 Organic Traffic Growth.

+83% Revenue Increase.

Project Details