+448% Increase In Organic Traffic For A Clothing Alterations Company!

Project Description

The Client:

We partnered with a clothing alterations company who specialise in the finest garment alterations, remodelling and restyling.

They have locations in both Manchester and London and are regarded by customers for achieving the highest standards of quality in everything they do.

We are respecting the client’s privacy in this case study as there will be screenshots of their Google Analytics account and rankings. Understandably, they want to keep that side of their business private.

The company operates in a highly competitive industry with thousands of companies all competing for the top spot in the Google results. Following a tailored SEO campaign with Bigfoot Digital, they now rank position one for all of their focus keywords.

They have experienced an incredible uplift in both rankings and traffic since starting their campaign with us in late 2017. We are delighted to see the business exceed their goals and continue to dominate in their sector.

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The Challenge:

The client found us through, you guessed it, a Google search. They were impressed with our position one rankings and wanted to know if we could achieve the same results for their business. The primary goal for them was to not only increase their rankings but appear position one for extremely competitive terms like ‘Wedding Dress Alterations,’ ‘Dress Alterations’ and ‘Suit Alterations.’

We proposed an SEO campaign with a strong focus on technical work to improve the quality of their content and the power of their backlinks

London Site SEO:

With the primary objective of increasing rankings, Bigfoot Digital set to work not only writing optimised content for their websites, but also improving the quality of leads coming in.

The London site was designed to rank well for London-based search terms. It did already have some relevance for these search terms with a strong backlink profile to boot. At Bigfoot Digital, however, we’re not satisfied with ‘some relevance.’ We want Google to consider them the business leader for alterations in London.


To increase their relevance in the local search results, we began the process of outreach marketing. This included contacting bloggers, influencers and news outlets in London requesting placement on their site and social media channels. Not only did this help increase brand awareness, but it also gave them a significant uplift in the rankings. Over the years, Bigfoot Digital have built close relationships with these connections and continue to secure placement for our clients on their high-authority sites.

Technical SEO:

There were several technical issues that were holding back the site when it came to ranking position one. We took a closer look under the hood of the website to unearth some possible ranking downfalls. There was a large volume of duplicate content, which I’m sure you’re aware, Google hates! We applied canonical tags to ensure Google’s bots had all the correct information on which page to prioritise.

On-Site Optimisation:

Along with the above link building strategy, we began work on their on-site content optimisation. We created multiple location pages that were optimised to rank for locations in and around London. Each page featured unique content produced by our skilled team of SEO content writers.

The Here & Now:

This intensive SEO strategy has led to a remarkable uplift in rankings. In fact, they now rank position one for all their focus keywords – all 52 of them! There has been little if any movement in those keywords, which is incredible given the high competition. We have smashed their target to rank for only three of their focus keywords!

We love to see our clients succeed!

And it’s not only their rankings that have increased but also their organic traffic numbers. With such a high number of position one rankings, isn’t that to be expected? Yes, only if the meta titles and descriptions encourage people to click. We optimised them with keywords along with related terms to ensure maximum clicks from prospective customers.

They have seen a 107% increase in organic site visitors, with results skyrocketing from 1,927 visitors in April 2017 to 4,004 visitors in April 2019! They are now receiving their highest levels of organic traffic since starting their campaign.

The London Site Results:

52 Position #1 Focus Keywords.

+107% Organic Traffic Growth.

+118% Increase In New Visitors.

Manchester Site SEO:

Unlike the London site with an aged domain and pre-existing authority, their Manchester site was a new build. It lacked direction and any form of link building. A fresh local SEO campaign was required to build relevance for the business in Manchester

On-Site Optimisation:

As a new website build, the pages lacked quality content. There was a high level of thin content, meaning the pages offered little value to the reader. Google had nothing to crawl, and as a result, couldn’t place them in the search results.

Our team of trained content writers set to work optimising the pages with text, images, videos and testimonials. Not only did this give them a boost in the rankings, but it also improved conversion rates as people were now able to engage with their content.

Plenty of call to actions, including buttons and social media links, along with their phone number and email address, were added to encourage people to get in touch.

Link Building:

Backlinks have been, and remain, Google’s number one ranking factor, making them top of the priority list. But for a new site with little authority, it’s a risky game. Google will spot a spam link from a mile away. Natural links conquer every time!

We consulted our list of relevant, authoritative and influential directories, forums and PR sites, including Google My Business. We placed citations in online directories along with brand mentions to give their business that much-needed boost.

The Here & Now:

The combined effect of the above strategies has resulted in a dramatic shift in keyword positions. They now rank position one for 38 of their keywords with 21 keywords in the top 3. There has been little movement in these positions since hitting these spots. Some of the top 3 keywords blip in and out of position one! Incredibly frustrating and mostly due to Google changing its algorithm on the daily, but we’re working on it.

It’s not only keyword positions that have seen an improvement, but also their organic traffic figures. That’s the number of people searching using keywords like ‘zip repair’ and ‘dress alteration.’ Their organic traffic figures have progressed from 218 in September 2017 to 1,195 in April 2019 – that’s a 448% increase!

The Manchester Site Results:

38 Position #1 Focus Keywords.

+448% Organic Traffic Growth.

+826% Increase In New Visitors.

Project Details