+244% Increase In New Site Visitors For Churchfield!

Project Description

The Client:

Churchfield is a modern family dental surgery located in Barnsley. They aim to promote dental health for all. They are known for their many services that improve not only dental health, but also dental appearance.

They are one of our longest-standing clients who started their campaign with us in November 2016 and continue to work with us to drive traffic to their local business.

They are the perfect example of a business who through local SEO has established their business as an authority for dental care in Yorkshire. Looking for steps to make your bricks and mortar business more visible in the search results? This is how we can help you…

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The Challenge:

The aim of this business was to improve their online presence. It was clear that their website needed a re-build, due to being dated and ineffective. The backend, in particular, was cluttered and difficult to manage. This affected their ability to make necessary changes needed to attract new customers.

Churchfield had previously worked with a website design company who charged for every small change made. You can only imagine how frustrating and costly this was for them. They required a system that allows them to make changes without needing assistance.

Enter Bigfoot Digital…

Our web developers re-built the website with a flawless backend system to ensure changes could be made without question by the client.

“They have provided us with advice and support and we have seen a huge increase on our Google listings. The Website Development team have gone above and beyond with technical support, which has been invaluable. We would not hesitate in recommending Bigfoot Digital.”
Suzanne Wilkinson, Churchfield Dental Centre

Training & Management:

Website design is essential because it determines how audiences perceive your brand. It can also be the difference between ranking on the first page and losing your position due to errors on your site – think 403 errors, duplicate content, site speed, etc. You need professional support to ensure the right steps are taken to improve your site.

We offered training in the best practices of website design to ensure the client could make basic changes without jeopardising their visibility or sales potential. We coupled this with SEO and on-site management to cover all bases and to ensure the client was never short of support.



SEO for this Barnsley location

Local SEO:

Following the website build, it was time to tackle SEO! Without an on-going SEO strategy, how do you expect to be found online? It’s an incredibly profitable strategy when it comes to attracting customers in your area. That’s because local search terms are less competitive and combined have the potential to attract thousands of customers. People use them to find local establishments.

Local SEO is also hugely dependent on your physical location. Using broad terms like ‘dentists’ will return practices in your area of searching. For a company wanting to appear for those searches, local SEO is a must!

Website Optimisation:

Our strategy started with keyword optimisation using terms like ‘Dentists Barnsley,’ ‘Dentists in Barnsley’ and ‘Dental Practice Barnsley’ to increase location relevance.

We created a single page designed to rank for Barnsley Dentists and the above related terms. The page includes an embedded map to help Google’s bots accurately place the site in the search results.

URL: /Barnsley-dentists
Meta Title: Barnsley Dentists | Dental Practice | Churchfield

Similar location pages were created to bring in traffic from people located in surrounding locations like Darton, Darfield and Penistone. While these search terms may have a lower search volume in comparison to broad terms like ‘dentists,’ from a sales perspective, they bring in highly targeted traffic.

Local Citations:

Google’s number one ranking factor of all time is backlinks. We have a list of high-authority directories, forums and blogs we use to link to our clients. Each site is considered based on its relevance, authority and location. We only point links from websites that are going to give our clients a boost in the search results.

The first port of call is Google My Business (GMB), which is a free local listings service that allows people to find out more information about your business. This includes information like opening hours, contact details and directions, along with reviews from customers!

When people search for your business, this is the first thing they will see as it’s highly visual. Typically, people like to research brands online. Without a Google My Business profile, you are falling behind the competition.

We set about creating and optimising a profile for Churchfield to maximise their online visibility and make it easier than ever to book an appointment with them.

The Here & Now:

The combined effect of these strategies has led to a significant increase in position one rankings along with terms found in the top 3! There tend to be some fluctuations in the lower spots. However, their focus keywords (the ones they want to be found for!) are all ranking position one, and there is little if any movement.

Visitors are predominately using local terms to find the business, which just goes to show that a local SEO strategy can deliver exceptional results.
Churchfield has started to see their rankings increase for broad terms used in long-tail variations. For example, ‘dentist surgery in Barnsley’ and ‘dentist surgery.’ It is possible to dominate the search results with a local strategy. You just have to be smart with your keyword selection!

We love to see our clients rise to the top!

And, what’s more impressive? We have seen a notable shift in organic traffic figures since the inception of their campaign – a 240% increase!

The Results:

13 Position #1 Rankings.

+240% Organic Traffic Growth.

+244% Increase In New Visitors.

Project Details